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The correct use of the free hand wash liquid, how to choose?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-02
Recently the weather is cold, every time washing hands in cold water wash is very uncomfortable, I want to buy a free fluid and wash your hands, what is the correct use of the free hand wash liquid? The correct use of the free hand wash liquid/steps: 1, squeeze the right amount of washing your hands free fluid in the palm. 2, and then the palm relative, fingers together, rubbing palm. 5 - 10 times. 3, then the palms opponent back, finely rub along the fingers, hands exchange. 4, the palm relative, arms crossed rub each other. 5, hold the opposite hand thumb knead, rotating hands alternates. 6, bending joint, previous abdominal in another palm knead, his hands alternates. 7, get some lotion and disinfectant ring to another 1/2, wrist and forearm hands alternates. Avoid liquid washing your hands with? No more than 1 yuan coin size. Washing your hands free fluid is mainly used for cleaning and disinfecting hands, general dosage is no clear rules, according to their own conditions right amount can be used. However, normally need to use no more than 1 yuan coin size ( About 3 - 5 ml) If use too much hand skin absorbs completely, it is difficult to easy to cause waste. How long with a liquid washing your hands free? Washing your hands free fluid use frequency is not fixed, but after a certain activity or before doing certain activities need to use, specific as follows: 1, after the bus. Crowded on the bus, subway personnel, multifarious, hand easily infected with bacteria, so take the bus or subway suggest washing your hands free fluid can be used after disinfection. 2, before eating. Before each meal or contact food can use the free hand wash liquid disinfection, to prevent the illness. 3, when exposed to public goods can also use free wash hand sanitizer, such as: elevator, handrails, door handles, etc. Note: washing your hands free fluid effect is not good enough water to wash hand sanitizer, if it's convenient for conditions, suggested that liquid washing your hands with water to wash your hands as far as possible. How to choose washing your hands free fluid? 1, buy washing your hands free fluid through formal channels, shopping mall to buy directly or through manufacturers and unknown channel had better not be bought. PH 2, choose appropriate liquid soap, hand sanitizer easy to stimulate the skin PH value too high and dry, chapped skin. 3 hand sanitizer, want to see the outer packing is complete, the handwriting is clear. 4, see the product manuals, hand sanitizer package is 'makeup' approved by the license and 'who' approved by the two, with 'who' approved by the elimination of hand sanitizer just belong to the disinfection products, after the detection of authority; And 'makeup' approved by the state of hand sanitizer belongs to the category of cosmetics, can only play the role of clean decontamination, and cannot have the effect of inhibit and kill germs.

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