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The difference between cosmetics OEM/ODM and benefits

by:Zanyu     2020-12-06

you always heard that OEM cosmetics/ODM, we always think they are the same, it's not. What do you know the meaning of them? Know the difference and benefits? manufacturers to tell you

OEM production, foundry production

OEM production, OEM production, also known as the designated production, commonly known as foundry, basic meaning is brand producers not direct production product, they use their mastery of the key core technology is responsible for the design and development of new products, control sales channel, specific processing tasks entrusted by means of contract order of similar products of other manufacturers.

after the products ordered to buy at a lower price, and directly with your own brand logo. The entrust others or OEM production cooperation way, manufacturer is called OEM undertake processing tasks, the production of products known as OEM products.

the difference between OEM and ODM is not only a name

OEM products are tailored for brand manufacturers, production also can only use the brand name, never able to crown the name of the manufacturer in the production.

the ODM should watch brands have to buy the product of the copyright. If not, the manufacturer shall have the right to organize production, as long as no company design recognition.

the ODM manufacturer design scheme can take to buy or not buy way for brand have: buy way: by the brand buyout ODM manufacturer ready-made a type of product design, or a brand has a separate request ODM manufacturer product solutions for their design. Don't buy way: brand has a party does not buy ODM manufacturer a type of product design, the ODM manufacturer for the design of the product can be adopt the way of buying and selling to other brands. When the two or more brands share a design, mainly depends on the difference of two brand product appearance.

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