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The difference between odm and OEM cosmetics generation processing

by:Zanyu     2020-09-25
Cosmetics generation process is the difference between odm and OEM generation of processing what is the difference between odm and OEM? Whether this is mainly embodied in the cosmetics manufacturers to provide design services. generation of processing refers to the manufacturer only in accordance with the requirements of the brands. And cosmetics odm processing refers to the cosmetics manufacturers involved in the product design and planning. Cosmetics generation process is the difference between odm and OEM processing 1, cosmetics OEM OEM, the original equipment manufacture, translation for original equipment manufacturers. That is for manufacture of cosmetics manufacturers to provide processing equipment and venues. In general, brands have their own formula, product packaging, they will ask cosmetics manufacturer to make a series of generation of processing and production business. Usually divided into material production and material production. Material production, the processing refers to the cosmetics customers ready to raw materials, packaging materials and other materials, transportation to cosmetics manufacturer, let cosmetics manufacturers to emulsification processing, filling and packing, etc. No material of cosmetics OEM generation of processing business, is to make cosmetics manufacturer to complete all the production tasks, including: raw material procurement, emulsification, filling and packing and so on. generation of processing 2, odm odm processing, the original design manufacture, original design manufacturers. Now many of the birth of niche brand cosmetics, is take the generation of this kind of cosmetics processing mode, many small brands will use cosmetics manufacturer's formula and packaging design. Just enter the cosmetics industry because many cosmetics odm processing customers, usually in terms of money and resources, are relatively lack, this kind of customers can integrate cosmetics manufacturers business advantages and resources, for your own brand service. Cosmetics odm processing 3, the article summary: the difference between odm and OEM generation of processing, as this article about the above two points. Actually, OEM cosmetics or odm processing, cosmetics generation processing mode requires and cosmetics manufacturers to cooperate in detail. Brands and cosmetics manufacturers cooperation matters early slightly difference, other have not much of a problem, as long as into the cosmetics production link, is the same.
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