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The difference between ODM and OEM of cosmetics processing

by:Zanyu     2021-05-12
Although compared with OEM, it is also a way to process OEM cosmetics, but there are key differences between them, which are reflected in the following three aspects: 1. Different technical content. The key to traditional OEM agent processing is based on foreign technology, and basically does not have the comprehensive strength of independent product research and development; D, while the OEM cosmetics processed by new OEM agents have at least some of their own product development; D technology. 2. Different profit distribution methods. Traditional OEM agency processing only relies on cheap human capital to earn processing costs, while 'new OEM cosmetics' changes the way and proportion of profit sharing resources based on its own technology, and profits include the added value of scientific and technological progress. 3. The future is different. The traditional OEM agent processing is only a learning process, and its future lies in whether the learning process can enable OEMs to complete the reasonable accumulation of technology, immediately change the manufacturing mode, and immediately upgrade the products. Although 'new' has entered the independent innovation link of product research and development, its next development trend link will be to build its own. Manufacturing: According to the original OEM/ODM of OEM cosmetics, it is a new and reasonable way to integrate the new natural environment of market competition in the sales market. It is embodied in cosmetic brand registration, market research, well-known brands, product development, manufacturing, packaging, design, etc. Supply chain, promotional marketing, marketing management and business processes. All business management systems, including business management, can be summarized as the 'competitive advantage' of well-known brands.
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