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The difference between the pregnancy to protect skin to taste and ordinary cosmetics

by:Zanyu     2020-10-31
Ordinary can only satisfy the requirement of the general skin care OEM cosmetics, most traditional OEM cosmetics are sold on the market by external add ways for the protection of the external behavior to skin, and skin care products during pregnancy because of the requirement of the extremely harsh, so pregnant makeup more emphasis on the consciousness of active skin, more emphasis on repair skin was born with some repair and protection ability. Pregnancy and infant child care product difference between skin care products and the infant child care product common characteristic is that, because of the nursing object, two kinds of skin care products are very seriously. Because the baby's skin is, however, weak acid, very pure and without any pollution, Angle of water quality is much higher than adults, adult skin is quite different from that of the baby, so suitable for use in baby protects skin to taste does not solve the problem of adult skin, especially the special skin problems during pregnancy. With organic nature protect skin to taste the difference between the pregnancy skin care products and organic nature protect skin to taste is the generality of the components and raw materials, two kinds of products of ingredients and raw materials has more stringent standards than common skin care products. Protect skin to taste more emphasis on nature, however, this kind of stressed skin OEM cosmetics is bred, similar to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, by slowly step by step to protect your skin. And pregnancy skin care concept is to improve, because skin problems during pregnancy are more special and significant, simple and slow animals had not completely against this particular stage of skin problems, so need more targeted and more effective to improve the function, pregnancy skin was based on the objective facts and birth. And drugstore have a larger difference between the two have in common is to improve. However there is a difference between both improve, the birth background of medicine makeup is dermatitis, skin change disease, so the improvement of medicine makeup more inclined to for pathological changes of skin problems have occurred, for pregnancy skin problems without special study. And skin care products for maternal women during pregnancy skin problems to do a lot of research, it is specially improve maternal women's skin. Is the benchmark brands in the field of skin care during pregnancy, it belongs to the protect skin to taste of skincare raw materials and production of food grade standard has a very demanding requirements, is a high level standard, so to speak. Effect to protect skin to taste the main raw materials are derived from soybean, rice, pure nature apple seeds such as daily life common ingredients, function, gentle, meet food grade standards, known as can eat to protect skin to taste.
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