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The eye cream eye of fear of pregnant women to protect skin to taste selection method with aging

by:Zanyu     2020-11-15

after pregnancy, skin began to decline, eyes also lost its former eye color, dry lines, fine lines and black rim of the eye, pouch, edema, such problems as follow. The ancients often looks at to bright eye be apt to, become to describe the beauty of the eyes, the eyes compared to reveal the secret of women age, pay attention to maintain well ability for appearance level points. Pregnant women to protect skin to taste how to choose? Pregnant women learn to select suitable to protect skin to taste, with the renewal of eye cream to achieve bright eyes.

a pregnant woman's eye week skin vulnerable, so be sure to choose moderate special eye cream products easy absorption of pregnant women. As the entire network sales industry leader of pregnancy OEM skin care brand, its eye cream products compare the pregnant mother, including rice protoplasmic fu live eye frost, soybean milk nourishes the firming eye gel, cherry blossom water setting moisturizing eye gel products is long list of sell like hot cakes. High quality needed for the development of Asian women during pregnancy pregnant women to protect skin to taste, to makeup edible idea in mind, the pregnancy the beauty OEM skin care experience, highly fashionable skin's satisafied with beautiful star, mother, father and others.

right eye cream and using the method is also important, you pregnant mother pregnant women choose suitable for the skin to protect skin to taste according to the individual, but also keep the daily basis of eye care, constantly to be protective, eyes can not old, young limpid eyes.

1, the appearance of fine lines daily care: serious pregnant mother, for the problem of the appearance of fine lines to choose moisturizing effect and eye cream with characteristics of activating. Cherry blossom hydraulic moisturizing eye gel can let get fully nourish the eye cells, reduce fine lines probability. Give priority to with the click of a notice to use eye cream, with ring finger and middle finger, repetition, gently knock the fine or face lines.

2, pouch nurse daily: if the pregnant mother is puffy and coexistence, the choice which has the function of detoxification drainage rice protoplasmic activating eye cream, rich in nature hydrolyzed rice protein, effectively nourish eye, replenish collagen, strengthen the skin elasticity and smooth, long-lasting eye dropsy. When used to press and flap is given priority to, press can add skin dermis drainage function, beating promote water cycle, speed up the drainage. 2 minutes every time, sooner or later each one.

3, black rim of the eye nurse daily: rub hot finger abdomen, presses down the whole eye socket. Black rim of the eye is not free from rebirth, blood hot compress can influence blood cycle, promote eye cream to absorb. 3 minutes each time, suggest to do in the evening.

4, canthus prolapse nurse daily, saggy outer canthus, use compact and supplementation of elastic soybean milk nourishes the tight booking condensation is preferred. When using that replace from outside canthus tyra to stay temple and press 5 seconds, is opposite prolapse and increase the elasticity of the dermis. 5 minutes every time, sooner or later each one.

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