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The influence of pregnant women make up the fetus?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-18

after pregnancy, due to the changes of hormones in the body, the skin becomes very unstable and fragile skin, dry and dull, spots, acne problems continuously. So many love beautiful pregnant mammy love by makeup to cover defects. But a pregnant woman can make up?

occasionally during pregnancy is ok, but don't choose products containing chemicals, essential oils, from mercury products, try to choose organic and pure plant OEM cosmetics, in the correct method is used in moderation, and OEM cosmetics from the formal channels of purchase normal product, the quality or source of uncertainty products, pregnant mother to avoid to use.

makeup matters needing attention during pregnancy

1, the makeup, during pregnancy in pregnant mother must be cleaned thoroughly after each makeup look, pigmentation.

2, shoulds not be too much makeup look, especially foundation and lipstick.

3, the use of cosmetics to avoid contain hormone, copper, mercury, heavy metals such as lead, should choose good quality, guaranteed, composition is simple, dominated by natural raw materials, mild nature of the product.

most of the normal OEM skin care products or OEM cosmetics because of less dosage, and role in partial body only, there is no absorption of large area, so the impact on the fetus is very small.

what cosmetics to disable during pregnancy?


lipstick is by all sorts of grease, wax, pigment and spices such as ingredients, including oil usually adopt lanolin, lanolin in addition to adsorption various harmful heavy metal trace elements in the air, also can enter the fetal body adsorption of e. coli, and there are certain permeability, so pregnant women after applying lipstick, can make the pregnant women fetuses.

nail polish

nail polish are mostly makings, nitrocellulose with acetone, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, phthalate and other chemical solvents and plasticizing and made all kinds of dyes, the toxicity of these chemicals on the human body has certain, pregnant women eat in hand, toxic chemicals in nail polish easily with the food into the body, blood into the foetus, and can through the placenta and affect fetal development.

perfume, essential oil

pregnant mother is better not to use perfume, essential oils, because many containing musk perfume, can lead to miscarriage, and essential oil of collaterals are also likely to lead to miscarriage.


hair dye not only can cause skin cancer, but also can cause breast cancer, lead to fetal abnormalities, so pregnant women should not use hair dye.

cold fine

after pregnancy, the hair will be very fragile, and easy to fall off, if reoccupy cold perm, chemistry could be aggravated by hair loss. In addition, the chemical essence of cold can also affect the normal growth and development of the fetus in pregnant women, a few women will still produce allergic reaction to it. Therefore, pregnant women should not use cold fine chemistry.

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