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The love of beauty is pregnant mother pregnancy skin care

by:Zanyu     2020-11-04
Pregnancy is a tough time for many women wanting, how should the OEM skin care in this period? Skin problem do? A, pregnancy black black line is a dark vertical line, width can reach 1 cm, appear in your belly in the middle of the following, often through the navel. Black line often appear around the mid pregnancy, is because as the baby's development, the abdominal muscles stretching and separation slightly to accommodate the baby, cause abdominal skin pigmentation. The black line will disappear within a few weeks after childbirth, however, you may need to gently massage to remove dry skin. You will also notice the other places have pigmentation phenomenon, such as nipples, moles and freckles and other parts of the color may be darker, but these will fade over time. Second, the spider during pregnancy and pregnancy belly lines sometimes referred to as the spider angioma, is some tiny broken capillaries ( Small blood vessels) Group, most often appear on the cheeks, common in pregnancy, particularly if you would be easy to appear this kind of situation before. Spider lines is due to the circulation of the blood volume increases, the capillaries are caused by the extra pressure, in addition, the capillaries during pregnancy could have also become more sensitive. In order to reduce the chance of spider angioma appeared, avoid let your facial hot or too cold, because these two conditions are easy to lead to this problem. Wait for postpartum your hormone levels once stable, spider angioma will fade. Thin belly lines usually appeared in the belly and breast and thigh, color is red or brown, depending on your skin color. About 90% of the mothers will have a belly, may weight gain during pregnancy, cause skin stretch phenomenon occurs. Higher hormone levels also disrupts protein balance of the skin, make the skin becomes thinner than usual. After pregnancy, red or brown pigment in belly lines will gradually fade, skin the color of the stripe will be more shallow than the color of the surrounding skin. In order to reduce the belly line, pregnant mother can put the apple seed belly protective suits or olive oil cha in the stomach to keep elasticity, eat healthy food, gentle exercise, etc. , it can make the possibility to a smaller belly grain to appear.
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