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The maternity commissioner came to help pregnant women how to maintain their skin

by:Zanyu     2021-06-14
After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body will begin to change, and the skin will also have some problems. Common problems include the following:   1. Dryness: The function of sweat glands and sebaceous glands is decreased. The sebum contains wax, so it is similar in nature to candles and melts when heated. In autumn and winter, the temperature is low, it becomes a hemisphere, and the secretion is also reduced. Therefore, the skin appears dry after the autumn, and it needs to strengthen moisturizing and supply of moisture and nutrition. If your skin is dry and dehydrated during pregnancy, you should pay attention to using soy milk moisturizing OEM skin care products for pregnant women to moisturize your skin and keep it away from dryness. 2. Skin itching: moisture loss, skin water and oil imbalance, pregnant mothers are more sensitive to the climate environment due to changes in physical fitness and hormones, and often small changes in the weather can cause pregnant mothers to be itchy all over the body, what are allergies Symptoms all appeared. 3. Peeling: The keratin peels off in summer, and the skin becomes thicker to resist ultraviolet rays, but at the end of summer due to the weakening of ultraviolet rays, the hypertrophic keratin will gradually return to its original thickness, so you will feel the skin before the end of August. Obviously powdery desquamation phenomenon, the skin will also have a particularly rough feeling of rustling.  4. Sensitive: the change of the protective film    changed from the summer oil-in-water type to the oil-in-water type protective film. The pH of the skin is also slightly lower than in summer, which has an enhanced effect on resisting the development and proliferation of bacteria, but it is a pity that this season's ability to form a protective film is weak, especially after washing your face, you should quickly wipe skin care products to form an artificial protective film .  5, dullness: Metabolism is slower   Although ultraviolet rays gradually weaken in autumn, you should still be careful not to expose your skin to the sun for a long time. As the weather turns cooler, your metabolism will weaken, so that the sun damage is not easy to subside. The obstetrics and gynecology commissioner pointed out that in order to avoid the above problems, pregnant mothers should usually eat more fresh vegetables and fruits including lemons, tomatoes, carrots, etc., and drink a lot of water. You can also use food-grade OEM skin care like this Product.   So, why should pregnant women use food-grade skin care products? As we all know, pregnant women’s body resistance decreases and their skin becomes sensitive. Ordinary skin care products generally contain mineral oil, heavy metals and other ingredients, which are not only easy to cause pregnant women’s allergies, but also damage their own skin, and they are especially easy to bring to the baby To stimulate, and even cause teratogenic in severe cases. It is no exaggeration to say that these things that are not harmful to ordinary people can become poisons when they reach pregnant women. Food-grade skin care products like this are different. They are made from natural ingredients, so that the makeup and food are the same, and the ingredients are natural and gentle. Pregnant women can use it with confidence.
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