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The processing cosmetics manufacturer production membrane cloth mask is used

by:Zanyu     2020-10-21
Face of the processing cosmetics manufacturers will use what film processing cloth cosmetics manufacturers have production capacity of mask, every year to offer a large number of mask for each brands OEM processing services. Mask, huge market demand, especially the patch type mask, so what film processing cosmetics manufacturers will use cloth? Mask OEM custom production, using the membrane cloth and formula are in a state of progress, from the earliest non-woven fabrics of silk, biological fiber by now, reflect the consumer demand for the product upgrades. One such film, non-woven cloth cloth was the earliest processing cosmetics manufacturers used to mask manufacturing, material is high polymer slice, short fiber, filament. Characteristic is fluffy and soft, tough and durable, cheaper on the production cost, relative to other types of mask film cloth, cost is lower. Defect is adsorption in general, the mask material body essence is easy to drop. Type 2, crystal mask film cloth ( The silicone membrane cloth material) The processing cosmetics manufacturers adopt the membrane cloth, its material is silicone, AGAR gel as basal material, etc. Advantage is direct apply to stick, no hands, sealing good, gentle nature, suitable for most of the skin. Drawback is the use of this kind of crystal type membrane cloth, has restrictions to the mask material composition, at the same time also does not favor the efficacy composition care skin. Three, silk silk membrane membrane cloth cloth is fire, a large part of the mask is silk membrane cloth products. Silk membrane cloth is divided into domestic silk membrane, import silk membrane cloth; According to the manufacturing methods, the contract is divided into artificial silk, natural silk membrane membrane cloth cloth. Its advantage is frivolous breathable, carrying the mask essence of OEM ability strong, strength, not easy to tear, good ductility, and is lifted. Therefore, processing cosmetics manufacturers generally customer OEM production of silk mask for the cooperation. Four, biological fiber membrane cloth fiber membrane cloth produced by the plant raw materials fermentation processing of microbial cellulose, there was a time very hot, but the penetration rate is not high. Its many advantages: the superfine fiber, strong adsorption, tightly stick take, super ability to store essence, high elasticity and close skin, help skin absorb nutrient solution. Defect is when processing cosmetics manufacturers face film, if using the membrane cloth, will improve the mask OEM generation of processing cost. Five are listed below, other types of mask film cloth processing several kinds of cosmetics manufacturers will use membrane cloth type: other membrane cloth membrane cloth type material advantages disadvantages fruit pulp fiber membrane cloth materials, spunlaced process soft break, and the interpretation of the hydraulic medium hydraulic release moderate easy tear black carbon fiber membrane cloth, bamboo charcoal powder, strong adsorption, clean facial skin soft, such as efficacy components release, chitosan membrane fell out of the black fiber cloth of chitin and chitosan fiber bacteriostatic, fully, hydrophilic, antistatic, biocompatibility, promote wound healing and relieve skin cost compared with biological fiber, and can hinder the efficacy components. Processing cosmetics manufacturers mask will use above membrane on cloth, silk mask usually generation process, membrane and cost is not high, quality assured. For some low-cost mask processing of OEM brand, will use the non-woven fabric membrane. Processing cosmetics manufacturer, in short, according to customer requirements to develop the mask products.
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