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The processing cosmetics?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-22
As people living standard rise, people are spending money is also becoming more diverse, for the men's group, attention and maintain their own image also become very important, men consumers also need to use cosmetics to let oneself become more perfect, men's cosmetics industry is also in such market conditions for the development of faster and faster. Understands from international cosmetic market, European and American countries about 39% of men used cosmetics for men. According to statistics, in the past two years, the domestic and foreign men's cosmetics sales rose more than 50%, while China's men's cosmetics market started relatively late, the pace of development more quickly over the last two years. Men cosmetics sales of more than 1. 5 billion yuan in 2007, but the overall market and cosmetics, men's cosmetics market share is less than 2%. The current market situation, men cosmetics according to product category can be divided into skin care, cleansing products, body cleanser, shaving products, perfumes, and other five categories. Including skin care products according to the use of different parts can be divided into the face, hand, body, eyes, lips and other five categories. According to the target market can be divided into luxury, core, the middle-grade, the low-grade and other four categories. According to the function can be divided into a lot of kinds, such as moisture, oil, prevent bask in, anti-aging and so on. At the same time, with the development of the market, the men's consumer demand will become more abundant, it also will encourage men cosmetics have become more diversified. Of course, in the face of increasingly rich men's cosmetics market, entrepreneurs must also want to know, how men's cosmetics industry current situation of the development of the current market. For now, the male consumer market presents the following characteristics: 1, to protect skin to taste is not too high requirements, the main purpose of use is moist, protect skin, for most men, like dabao low-end products can meet the basic requirements, no need to spend a higher price to buy the core product. Men's skin is very different with women, slant oily skin easily fat, the skin acidity is higher than women, the secretion of sebum and sweat more, male attention skin problems and women there is a big difference. To draw out oil, acne and dry skin the most closely watched the three men's skin skin problems, both total attention is as high as 80. 17%. 2, the same product differentiation is not big, when buying, brand awareness is an important determinant. 3, look from buying place, basically has a major supermarket sales channels, nearly 85% of men's products is complete buy in the supermarket. From the level of different cities, first-tier cities choose to the supermarket to buy place ratio is higher than the second - and third-tier cities. 4, look from buying factors, trustworthy brand manufacturers, the product has the function that I want to become the most important factor of male consumers consider buying. From different city level, famous manufacturer brand's appeal for first-tier cities slightly higher than the level of other cities. 5, look from the know to protect skin to taste the way, a TV AD men understand the main channel to protect skin to taste, so the nivea and l 'oreal become a man of the most famous product. 6, look from promotions, at a discount cash discount is men's consumer favorite form of promotion, relatively first-tier cities send consumers for added amount not price to buy a big small like degree is higher than the second - and third-tier cities. 7, look from consumer groups, 30 years old - 40 men accounted for 53% of the proportion of consumption of main is absolute consumption, the income is in 3000 yuan - some month 5000 yuan between, mainly by joint-stock enterprises, the state civil servants, workers of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises to give priority to. International first-line brand is a key market for men's cosmetics. International first-line brand dominate, such as lancome, dior, biotherm, clarins, shiseido, such as brand awareness is higher, accounting for 53%; The brand such as adidas, nivea accounted for 37%. The main men's cosmetics use group is relatively successful men, for they were all very rational and a thinking of the crowd, more emphasis on the efficacy of cosmetics, international first-line brand functional advantages. 8, look from consumption category, men the most closely watched facial cleaning, 93%, 89% using the skin toner, moisture 67%, 58%, bath perfume accounted for 32%, mainly concentrated in primary care. Entrepreneurs to know more about the development of the market, from mixed market in China will be able to find the most suitable that an investment project, it is very important for entrepreneurs.
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