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The rise of micro business, cosmetic oem u200bu200bbrand

by:Zanyu     2021-04-28
Weishang is a social mobile social e-commerce model proposed by Weimob CEO Sun Taoyong. It is a new type of e-commerce for companies or individuals to open stores based on social media. It is mainly divided into two types: WeChat business based on WeChat official account becomes B2C WeChat business, and shop based on Moments becomes C2C WeChat business. Like Taobao, there is a Tmall platform (B2C wechat) and Taobao bazaar (C2C wechat). The difference is that WeChat is based on WeChat's ability to connect with everything to realize the social sharing of products, the recommendation of acquaintances, and the display of the circle of friends. As Taobao’s shortcomings become increasingly prominent, traditional retail will gradually embark on the road of building a self-operated system. Whether it is an official mall or an official WeChat, Taobao platform users will gradually be introduced to the WeChat platform, and a membership system will be established at the same time through various means such as points and discounts. Deeply expand the user base. Weimob CEO Sun Taoyong predicts that micro-business will usher in a big explosion in the next 3-5 years. In the future, the retail industry will present three forms of e-commerce, micro-commerce and traditional retail, with a ratio of 3:3:4. No single force can completely dominate. Taobao cannot completely subvert traditional retail, and it is impossible for micro-commerce. To subvert Taobao, the three must have a long-term coexistence relationship. In terms of the development trend of e-commerce, now everyone can express delivery, everyone can sell a house, and in the future everyone can also be e-commerce. In the future, recommendations based on the trust of the circle of friends are very valuable, so B2C micro-business is the real future. A sound basic trading platform, socialized distribution system, socialized customer relationship management system, and after-sales rights protection mechanism are the basic conditions for the maturity of B2C micro-business. In terms of the proportion of retail sales channels in the future, micro-business may account for 30%. 2015 will be the first year of micro-business, which is a good time for micro-business to start a business. Wechat business is mainly for OEM cosmetics, so that cosmetic oems have risen in large numbers, and facial masks have also been produced in large numbers, such as blueberry, Meiji, L'Oreal, etc., and it is also one of the new products with outstanding quality and quality assurance.
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