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The skin accelerates aging during pregnancy How to protect the fine lines of the eyes during pregnancy skin care

by:Zanyu     2021-06-14
The eyes are the window to the soul. Not only the facial skin ages faster during pregnancy, but the eye skin becomes more sensitive and fragile. What should I do during pregnancy to prevent the appearance of bright eyes, fine lines, dark circles and other skin problems?    Eye OEM skin care, do not mix with face cream and eye cream. Many pregnant mothers habitually apply cream to the skin around the eyes and are too lazy to use it again An eye cream, in fact, does not have much maintenance effect on the eye skin. Because the eye skin is thin, only the components with small molecules and strong permeability can be absorbed, while the large molecules of the cream are difficult to be absorbed by the eye skin. The existence of eye cream has its value, because it is developed for eye skin and has a certain effect on improving various eye skin problems. Such as soy milk nourishing and firming eye gel can improve the dryness of the skin around the eyes and make the skin around the eyes moist and smooth. The rice puree revitalizing eye cream can improve the swelling of eye bags caused by edema during pregnancy and the dark circles caused by lack of sleep. It is a good choice for pregnant mothers to maintain their eyes during pregnancy.   Eye skin care is not only performed at night.    Pregnant mothers should not choose to only perform eye OEM skin care at night because of trouble. This approach will only get half the result. Non-stop day and night maintenance can keep the eye skin young. During the day and night, the focus of eye OEM skin care is different. During the day, you should pay attention to moisturizing and protection, and at night, you should emphasize repair and nourishment. Therefore, pregnant mothers should abandon a bottle as soon as possible. The wrong way to wipe to the end. Use a moisturizing and nourishing eye cream during the day and a nourishing and nourishing eye cream at night. If you want to have moist and bright eyes, in addition to paying attention to the care of your face and body during pregnancy, don’t forget to take care of your eye skin carefully. Choose exclusive pregnant women eye cream to protect dark circles and eyes. Fine lines.
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