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The skin is prone to allergies after pregnancy, the rules of care for sensitive skin

by:Zanyu     2021-06-09

   Many pregnant mothers have become very thin since they became pregnant. Red blood streaks, tingling and itching, redness after sun exposure, and allergies at every turn, air-conditioned room allergies, flower bush allergies, kitchen allergies... Actually, it is not thin skin, just thin cuticle. Today, I will tell you what brand of skin care products are good for pregnant women, and how to take care of the skin with thin, fragile and sensitive pregnant mothers.

   The cells of the stratum corneum contain keratin, which helps to reduce water evaporation and even absorbs water to keep the skin moisturized. Thin stratum corneum and keratin damage are the main causes of sensitivity and redness. Therefore, the first principle of maintenance is to protect the stratum corneum from damage. Therefore, pregnant mothers with thin stratum corneum try to choose skin care products for pregnant women that are less irritating, gentle in nature, and have soothing effects. Pregnancy skin care brand, according to the skin characteristics of Asian women during pregnancy and childbirth, research and development of chamomile series skin care products, gentle nature, soft texture and easy to absorb, effectively reduce the occurrence of allergies.

  The principle of care for sensitive skin, wash your face with warm water

   No matter what season, if you want to keep your sensitive skin moisturized, it is better not to choose hot water to wash your face, but to wash your face with warm water, because hot water has a very Strong irritation, which can easily cause a serious burden on fragile skin. Washing your face with warm water is not only good for cleansing, but with cold water it can clean your face well and help shrink pores without worrying about irritating pores. This simple daily care method has a good effect on basic skin care!

  The care rule for sensitive skin strengthens protection

  The stratum corneum of sensitive skin is thin, lacks the ability to defend against ultraviolet rays, and is prone to aging. Therefore, daily sunscreen should be adequate, but you should pay attention when choosing and applying sunscreen. Pregnant mothers should choose physical sunscreen sunscreen. It is better not to apply it directly on the skin. After applying basic OEM skin care products, apply a layer of sunscreen. Better.

  Sensitive skin care rules: Fully moisturizing

  The cuticle of sensitive skin is usually thin, so it can’t stably hold enough water. Whether it is an air-conditioned room in summer or a dry climate in winter, people with this skin type will feel dehydrated and dry skin more acutely than ordinary people, so it is very important to strengthen moisturizing in daily maintenance. Chamomile moisturizing and soothing series products are specially developed for pregnant mothers with sensitive muscles. The formula is natural and gentle, and does not add heavy metals, hormones, pigments, mineral oil and other harmful substances. It soothes and calms sensitive skin, moisturizes, regulates, repairs and nourishes, and enhances sensitivity. The resistance of the muscles keeps the skin healthy and moisturized.

The    maternal skin care product brand strictly controls the extraction process during the product production process, and repeatedly deploys the test to ensure the product’s mild, zero-irritating and high-quality products, and comprehensively improve the skin quality for sensitive pregnant women.

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