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The trend of cosmetics OEM globalization_is cosmetic OEM processing legal and reasonable?

by:Zanyu     2021-05-14
With more and more manufacturers of cosmetics OEMs in China, the trend of globalization of OEM cosmetics OEMs is becoming more and more obvious. Cosmetic OEM professional introduces various OEM knowledge. The Chinese market is only a part of the global economic integration. Within 5 years, China’s detergents will become the world’s largest manufacturing and exporting country. Therefore, production-oriented enterprises are more OEMs for foreign companies. Is the key to enterprise development. At present, the biggest problem with China's daily chemical products is the serious homogeneity of products. Emphasizing production rather than the market is the current feature of China's daily chemical manufacturing industry. As a result, China has a strong production capacity, but it has not been properly utilized. According to Zhong Xiji, general manager of Guangzhou Qianbaimei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd., if all the toothpaste production equipment currently owned by China is activated, the output of one month can be used by consumers across the country for one year. However, at present, only one-tenth of the production capacity of toothpaste equipment is used. Therefore, it is imperative to open up foreign markets for OEM. If domestic OEM companies can cooperate with foreign companies in OEM, they can not only make full use of their production technology advantages and equipment capacity, but they can also obtain economic benefits and professional development as soon as possible. For China's daily chemical OEMs, it is now at the best time to integrate with the global economy. On the one hand, China’s accession to the WTO has caused a large number of foreign businessmen to rush to share with China, and many foreign businessmen want to move manufacturing to China; on the other hand, the Chinese government is doing everything possible to adjust the industrial structure to guide domestic enterprises to develop internationally. . On the other hand, China has a complete industrial chain, with relatively large price advantages in terms of raw materials, production bases, and labor, and lower overall costs. The right time, the place and the people, many factors determine the advantages of OEM cosmetics processing, but also doomed to the unlimited prospects of cosmetics processing globalization. Of course, many people will also ask me whether the processing is in accordance with common sense or is it recognized by the country when doing substituting processing. . Is cosmetic processing legal? In fact, answering this question will be clearer if we literally understand it. The English abbreviation for OEM is OEM, and the full text is Original Equipment Manufacturer. According to the literal meaning, it should be translated as original equipment manufacturer. It means that a manufacturer processes and produces products and product accessories for another manufacturer according to the requirements of another manufacturer. It is also called OEM or OEM. It is an authorized OEM production. It can represent the processing of outsourcing or subcontract processing. It is customary in China to call it cooperative production and Sanlai processing. The meaning is a cooperative production method in which product development and manufacturing are carried out according to the original unit (brand unit) entrusted contract, and the original unit's trademark is used for sale or operation by the original unit. This shows that substituting processing does not involve infringement and other properties. In today's highly developed industrialization, enterprises will reduce their investment in fixed assets as much as possible in order to increase the allocation of their own resources in terms of innovation capabilities. Many companies have already mastered the core technology of their products and established a mature marketing network. They no longer produce directly, but instead complete the production tasks of their products by letting other companies produce on their behalf, so cosmetic processing is also The same reason. In this way, you only need to pay for material costs and processing fees, without having to bear the risks of equipment depreciation, self-built factories and production management, and you can place orders flexibly according to market changes at any time. This can promote the formation of new operating advantages in the finished product business, cultivate and strengthen the inherent expansion power of the enterprise, improve the operating ability and management level, and move towards a higher level of capital operation. However, most small and medium-sized manufacturing companies do not have a lot of funds to invest in marketing and advertising, which makes it difficult for products with good quality to gain a place in the market.  Through cosmetics processing cooperation, the brand effect and marketing network of large-scale OEM cosmetics companies can be used to increase production for small and medium-sized enterprises, expand sales and improve manufacturing management, and can also win greater economic benefits. The above is the trend of cosmetic oem u200bu200band its rationality that I told you today.
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