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There are coups for skin care after childbirth, natural ingredients repair skin damage

by:Zanyu     2021-07-06

   Pregnancy and labor is a long and energy-consuming process that consumes energy and nutrients for a while. A series of skin problems such as postpartum skin dullness, sagging, dark circles, belly lines, etc. follow one after another. The skin care specialist pointed out that if the pregnant mother neglected to take care of the skin during pregnancy. After giving birth, you must use pregnant women skin care products that fit your skin to repair the skin's dehydrated cells in time, thereby restoring a hydrated and healthy state. So, how to take care of the skin after childbirth?

   For postpartum women, dull skin is a more obvious change. The rice postpartum repair and whitening kit focuses on the skin of postpartum women. It can specifically solve the skin problems such as dark yellow and dark skin. The natural-grade raw materials are selected. The high content of phytocosmetics in rice is extracted, and nicotinamide and white flowers are blended Seed oil, developed four single products of soft and clear cleansing milk, delicate whitening and softening lotion, rejuvenating and whitening essence, and nourishing and whitening and softening lotion. It fits the characteristics of postpartum women's skin. By injecting natural nourishing factors into the skin, it releases exponentially moisturizing and whitening energy, multi-effects repairing postpartum skin and restoring the beauty of skin translucent and white.

   The part that is easier to deform after childbirth is the abdomen. If you want to regain your body shape, new mothers must remind themselves to take care of them at any time, whether they are sitting, standing, walking, or lying down. Abdomen, let the abdomen become a habit, so as not to make the abdomen become too large and loosen the skin. In addition, insist on using Apple Seed Pregnancy Line Protection series products, combined with massage techniques, to help relieve postpartum pregnancy muscle relaxation, repair belly lines, make the pregnancy muscle moist and smooth, and make mothers beautiful without leaving marks.

   Many new mothers have dark circles around the eyes and the formation of pigment spots. The dark circles are related to long-term lack of sleep, pigmentation and vascular stasis during pregnancy. In order to help pregnant mothers solve the problem of dark circles during pregnancy and childbirth, in addition to the special eye cream for pregnant women, rice and soy milk eye masks are also introduced, which can be used twice a week to revitalize the skin around the eyes, promote metabolism, and effectively eliminate dark circles. In addition, massage the acupuncture points around the eyes to increase blood circulation and promote the activity of blood cells around the eyes to eliminate dark circles.

  How to take care of the skin after childbirth? After childbirth mothers encounter various skin damage problems, they must seize the golden repair time, carefully choose natural and multi-effect skin care products for pregnant women, and use scientific skin care skills. Nourish layer by layer, repair various skin problems inside and outside.

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