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There are only three ways to prevent skin aging in winter and spring

by:Zanyu     2021-07-05

   When the season changes, seasonal skin redness, swelling, sensitivity, peeling, and acne will appear. Especially in the winter and spring seasons, the temperature difference is big, which makes the fragile skin unbearable. Skin problems such as red, itchy, peeling, etc. broke out, and it looked like a mottled wall from a distance. That winter turns to spring, how should expectant mothers take care of their skin?

  Don’t choose a cleanser with too strong cleansing power

   It is better to change the facial cleanser to low foam or directly to no cleanser during the season Foaming, cleansing facial cleanser that is too strong can easily cause excessive cleansing of sensitive skin and enlarged pores or peeling. So if you have sensitive skin, change your facial cleanser soon!

Use    essence and cream

  I think the essence and cream are too oily and the skin is not refreshing, so I refused to use it. This is also a reason for your dry skin. So once the season changes, especially in dry weather, you should use the essence and cream appropriately. You have to massage your skin properly to help absorb it!

  Moisturizing facial masks must be moisturizing frequently.

  In addition to moisturizing cream, you should also make regular moisturizing masks, especially during the seasons, to avoid dryness!

   Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is especially tender. It is thin and prone to microfilament vessels and rashes. Therefore, you should usually put less makeup and use clean water and non-irritating facial cleansing products.

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