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There is a kind of skin itching during pregnancy, but severe cases can cause miscarriage

by:Zanyu     2021-06-17

   After pregnancy, there will be many changes, such as a series of problems such as skin dehydration and itching caused by hormone changes in the body. Generally speaking, sensitive and fragile skin is a normal physiological phenomenon. However, skin itching during pregnancy can be large or small. For different degrees, pregnant moms must find corresponding solutions. If you don't know how to deal with it, you must seek medical attention in time.


  What are the main causes of itchy skin during pregnancy?


   Many pregnant women will experience itchy belly, nipples, itchy limbs, and itchy all over the third trimester. They think this is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. Do not apply medicine and OEM skin care products casually. So it's gone, and it will eventually lead to catastrophe. There are three reasons for itchy skin in pregnant women:


  1. Intrahepatic cholestasis during pregnancy and skin pruritus


   pregnancy period Intrahepatic cholestasis is a unique complication in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. Most of the onset time is around 30 weeks of pregnancy. The early symptoms are skin itching and increased bile acid. Pregnant women’s skin itching starts from the belly, palms, and soles of the feet and spreads to the whole body, and the itching will gradually worsen during the day and night. Intrahepatic cholestasis during pregnancy can cause itching of the skin of pregnant women, which may not have much impact on the pregnant woman herself, but it can cause serious harm to the fetus. It can exponentially increase the chances of premature delivery and meconium contamination of amniotic fluid, which can cause fetal distress and even sudden death due to hypoxia.


  2, pregnant women's skin allergies cause skin itching.


   The body of pregnant women is more sensitive during pregnancy, and their physique may change. Some pregnant women will become extremely sensitive to substances that were not allergic before. Climate change, pungent odors, and some condiments and foods will cause itchy skin. In addition, because the skin of the pregnant woman's abdomen is enlarged by the uterus, the elastic fibers of the skin are broken, and itching and slight pain appear, which will also cause belly lines. The abdomen, chest, legs, buttocks, etc. are all places where belly wrinkles appear. But it will not have any effect on the fetus.


  3. Pregnancy pruritus.


   This is a relatively common and harmless symptom of pruritus all over the body. It is medically called pruritus of pregnancy. About 15% of pregnant women will have this condition. It usually occurs in the 6th to 7th months of pregnancy. A small red rash will develop on the pregnant woman's body, which appears on the body's limbs relatively early, and will subside on its own after dozens of days, and there will be pigmentation.


  How do pregnant women distinguish the types of skin itching?


   Expectant mothers during pregnancy should pay special attention to their own physical changes and pay attention to fetal movement. If fetal movement appears abnormal, they should go to the hospital in time. Accept the various routine examinations of the hospital, follow the doctor’s advice, and be careful not to cause serious consequences.


  What should I pay attention to for ordinary skin itching?


  1. Regular life and rest, keep the skin clean, choose a shower.


  2. Keep pregnant women's weight within a reasonable range; eat foods rich in collagen fibers; reduce sugar intake; avoid eating spicy foods.


  3. Apply anti-itch medicine or OEM skin care products to the skin. Such as olive oil, glycerin, etc. can alleviate itching. Medicines include sodium chloride lotion, antipruritic tincture, calamine lotion.


  3, moderate massage, use massage oil with tightening function, or repair belly lines. Pregnant mothers should avoid excessive scratching of the skin, scratching will cause skin breakage, even infection, and melanin deposition.


  4 Choose antihistamines, often diphenhydramine, chlorpheniramine, etc.


   5. Do not scratch with your hands. It is recommended to go to the hospital for consultation, find out the cause, and look for treatment.


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