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Tips for pregnant women's winter skin care

by:Zanyu     2021-06-23

  The climate is dry in winter, and the cold wind takes away the moisture in the air, which makes the pregnant mother's skin face an unprecedented dryness crisis. Therefore, pregnant mothers must do a good job of moisturizing and hydrating their skin in winter. What's the secret of winter skin care for pregnant women? Pregnant mothers need to do five maintenance tasks.

   Stick to 8 cups of water a day

   Moisture is the fundamental to fight against dryness. Don’t forget to add moisture to your body in winter. Pregnant women can start moisturizing and moisturizing from the inside. Water is essential. Drinking plenty of water can not only detoxify and promote metabolism, but also make the skin more hydrated and brighter. If you want your skin to be hydrated in winter, pregnant mothers should drink 8 glasses of water a day on their daily schedule.

   use Taomi water to wash your face

   Taomi water to wash your face has a lot of benefits to the skin, because the rice water contains starch, vitamins, protein and other nutrients not only can whiten the skin, but also The skin is smoother, and it can also decompose the oil on the face, promote metabolism, and avoid dry and rough skin. Taomi water is a powerful magic weapon for winter OEM skin care. Pregnant mothers should make good use of it. If pregnant mothers feel that Taomi water is not easy to store, they can also use rice cleansing milk for pregnant women, which has the same skin care effect as Taomi water. .

  Use a gentle shower gel

  The skin of pregnant women is particularly sensitive and fragile during pregnancy. Therefore, it is better to use special for pregnant women for better drying. Shower gels, such as soy milk shower gels, are extremely mild and will not cause skin irritation. If pregnant mothers have particularly dry or itchy skin in winter, they can take a bath directly with clean water, which will not wash away the sebum and can effectively alleviate the symptoms of itching.

  Using diet to improve dryness

   The dry skin of pregnant mothers may also be related to the lack of nutrients. In winter, pregnant mothers can properly consume foods containing unsaturated fatty acids or linoleic acid such as fish, Beans, etc., these foods can effectively improve dry skin and regulate the skin foundation of pregnant mothers. In addition, pregnant mothers can also improve dehydrated skin by supplementing 25-50 mg of vitamin B6 daily, but the doctor's consent is required.

  Equipped with a humidifier

   Whether in the office or at home, a humidifier is a must-have magic weapon. A heated room will make the skin of pregnant mothers more dehydrated. Therefore, placing a humidifier can increase the humidity of the air and make the skin no longer dry and itchy. In addition, it can protect the respiratory tract of pregnant mothers from drying out and avoid suffering from the respiratory tract. disease.

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