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Tips for skin care during pregnancy: prevention is more important than repair

by:Zanyu     2021-06-16

   Dryness, dullness, and pregnancy spots are the three natural enemies of women's beauty during pregnancy. However, the OEM skin care specialist for pregnant women pointed out that repairing is more important, and if you want to get rid of skin problems during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must know how to maintain their skin. Next, I will reveal three strategies for skin problems.

  Problem 1: dull skin tone

  Dark skin tone during pregnancy is mainly caused by poor blood circulation, which leads to accumulation of toxins in the body. In addition, the stratum corneum is too thick and the skin is lacking. Water, etc., will also reduce the gloss of the skin.


  1. Use facial cleanser for pregnant women

   Pregnant women are better to choose OEM skin care products for pregnant women. When washing their face every day, they should use mild facial cleanser. Fortunately, cleansing products are pure natural, non-pigmented, and chemical-free, so that they won't irritate pregnant women's sensitive skin.

  2, basic OEM skin care

   After cleansing, use toner immediately, but pregnant women should never use products containing whitening ingredients! Because whitening ingredients are not conducive to the growth of the fetus, But you can use pure plant-based essences or lotions to add moisture to the skin and make the skin moisturized without any irritation to the skin, and there is no worry that it will be harmful to the baby!

   Problem two :Butterfly spots, freckles

  Pregnancy will increase the secretion of melanocyte-stimulating hormone by the pituitary gland, and increase the melanin of the skin, which makes it easy to appear butterfly spots and freckles on the cheeks. Although butterfly spots are usually It disappears after childbirth, but some are difficult to eliminate, so it must be early.


  1. Do a good job of sun protection

   Sun protection is very important. Whether it is winter, summer, or pregnancy, sun protection should not be ignored. Intensify the precipitation of melanin and darken the color of the spots. Pregnant women should pay attention to holding an umbrella, wearing a hat, and wearing a mask when going out.

  2, rub on sunscreen

   Many pregnant mothers are worried that sunscreen will affect fetal development. In fact, as long as pregnant mothers choose sunscreen with low SPF value, don’t worry about this. The problem is that the higher the SPF value, the greater the irritation. In addition, eating more foods containing vitamin C can also decompose melanin.

  Problem 3: Belly lines

  During pregnancy, the weight keeps increasing, the body's skin is stretched, and the collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis are broken , There will be irregular strips of scars, these are belly lines, once they appear, it is difficult to disappear.


  1, weight control

   Belly wrinkles are caused by weight gain, so you must control your weight during pregnancy and pay attention to a balanced diet every day , Do not eat a lot of high-calorie, high-fat foods, and cooperate with some exercise to increase the toughness of the skin.

  2, apply body lotion

   In addition to weight control, pregnant mothers should start anti-scarring from pregnancy, apply body lotion every morning and evening, or use olive oil for pregnant women to massage their belly , Arms, arms, inner thighs and arm parts, elasticity, the appearance of belly lines.

  Precautions for maintenance during pregnancy

  Avoid perm and dyeing

  Related points, the syrup used in dyeing perm has the risk of teratogenic or miscarriage to the fetus. For mother, perm and hair dyeing should be prohibited.

  Avoid heavy makeup

   Many women are used to heavy makeup before pregnancy. If you go out without makeup after pregnancy, it is temporarily unacceptable, but heavy makeup every day is also detrimental to the baby’s development , But you can put on a light makeup and retouch your complexion.

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