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Tips for skin whitening

Tips for skin whitening


Tip 1: Why does the skin turn black?

The most important point of skin blackening: melanin accumulation. Melanin is a protein. In simple terms, melanin is a tyrosine that is oxidized to dopa in melanocytes and oxidized to form small brown particles. A small amount of melanin precipitation can cause the skin to be dull, yellow; a large amount of melanin accumulation will form spots on the face.


Tip 2: Face turns yellow and early aging, easy to produce chloasma and dark circles, why?

Chinese medicine believes that the body's internal organs can directly affect the skin. In this way, the simple use of whitening products does not solve the fundamental problem. To whiten the skin, it is necessary to develop a good working habit to ensure the normal detoxification of the body and maintain a normal level, such as different fresh fruits and vegetables, more exercise. Detoxification of internal organs, efficient sleep time and good sleep quality must be guaranteed.


Tip 3: Why is sebum oxidation prone to appear in oily skin groups?

Oily skin sebum is excessively secreted, and it is often covered on the surface of the skin. After contact with air, the skin surface is yellow and the skin color is naturally not white. At this time, it is necessary to replenish water and control oil, soothe nervous sebum, improve the sebum membrane of the skin, and when it reaches a balance point, then work on whitening. In addition, after cleansing every morning and evening, it is better to use a cotton pad with toner to clean the skin for a second time to remove residual oil.


Tip 4: The cause of dark yellow skin formation is very common, the most common is the old waste horny accumulation

Old dead horny is the most common cause and relatively well treated. According to the skin tolerance, you can choose a suitable exfoliating cream, physical scrub or chemical rejuvenation regular care horny, you can easily DIY at home. It should be noted that physical exfoliation is more suitable for oily or combination skin. It is better to use other chemical substances or to use a cleansing mask directly, so as to ensure the safety of sebum. In addition, exfoliation, it is recommended once a week.


Tip 5: Skin saccharification, cause dull and yellow skin

Glycation is the glycated protein produced by the glycosylation reaction deposited on the dermis, and the skin appears yellowish brown. If you want to improve this phenomenon, you must first reduce the amount of sugar intake, and daily care should also be the anti-glycation care products, such as smoke. Amides can also be improved by a small amount of exercise, such as jogging and bathing.


Tip 6: The acne marks left after the acne subsided

Pigmented acne marks are melanin precipitates caused by acne inflammation. These acne marks do not have to worry too much. Pay attention to sunscreen isolation on weekdays, usually fade within 3-12 weeks, or use whitening products to accelerate desalination.  

The blood type acne marks are red acne marks left by the infection causing the blood vessels to dilate, and it takes long time to dilute it. The best way to deal with these types of acne marks is to accelerate the blood circulation of the skin, such as facial scraping, massage acne marks. But remember, no matter what kind of acne, don't squeeze it by hand during the acne ripening process, it will only deepen the color of the acne marks.

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