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u200bWhat are the main aspects of the competitiveness of cosmetics processing manufacturers?

by:Zanyu     2021-05-23
What are the main aspects of the competitiveness of cosmetics processing factories? According to statistics, we have obtained more than 3,000 cosmetics production qualifications until last year, and OEM cosmetics processing factories account for 70% of the total in Guangdong. , And Guangdong accounts for about 55 percent of the country’s total. This data also shows that the choice of OEM cosmetics processing factories is generally based on the choice, so many manufacturers, their main competitiveness is reflected in What aspects? People are the foundation of the survival of an enterprise. Even a processing factory with independent research and development technology needs technical personnel to conduct research and development, and a complete supply system can only emerge after the cooperation between staff in different positions. Everyone in the laboratory and factory line will become an integral part of the OEM cosmetics processing factory. The type of company also determines what the processed products are based on. In the market, if it is a single product supply, it is also difficult to break out among cosmetics processing manufacturers and become a relatively powerful competitor, which only makes facial masks. When manufacturers make BB creams, the powder may be rough due to inadequate technology. After they are in the hands of consumers, they will naturally not get a good evaluation. The water quality and environmental sanitation in the factory are also one of the standards. The whole environment can be taken care of, and the water problem can be filtered to make the products produced reach the height required by customers. To meet customer requirements in detail, whether it is on-site inspections or product inspections, it can be recognized by customers, and it is also a representative choice among cosmetics manufacturers.
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