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u200bWhat is the specific difference between cosmetic oem u200bu200band odm?

by:Zanyu     2021-05-24
What is the specific difference between cosmetic oem u200bu200band odm? In the production industry, there are many specialized terms used for specific communication. oem and odm belong to one of them, and the specific concepts between the two are also different. Although both belong to the category of OEM processing, the scope involved will be different. The meaning of oem is purely on behalf of the processing, which refers to the entire processing process. During the production of cosmetics, the cosmetic ingredients involved belong to the enterprise. Therefore, many enterprises only give the processing process to the agent while providing the proportion of ingredients. Factory home. The production line of the foundry company meets the safety production standards, which can ensure that the entire product can achieve the actual use effect after the production is completed. Odm itself is also a term for OEM processing, but it includes not only the production process, but also the product design. Take cosmetics, if the company needs products with moisturizing function, then OEM Manufacturers need to provide a design plan on how to achieve the effect of moisturizing. In other words, the foundry owner has the intellectual property rights of the product, and the company affixes its own label to sell the product after the product is completed. From the common terms in the industry, oem is what everyone calls foundry, and odm is the OEM commonly used in the industry. Such a development trend has become an inevitable trend in the cosmetics industry. In order to achieve globalized industrial development, many international companies will also choose targeted OEMs. Therefore, cosmetics oem odm is the key to supporting the development of the entire cosmetics industry. It is also the basis for the development of many enterprises, improving production efficiency while reducing enterprise costs.
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