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Ups and downs of fall 2020, how to grasp the beauty market? !

by:Zanyu     2020-10-17
Ups and downs of fall 2020, how to grasp the beauty market? ! New crown pneumonia confirmed cases outside China has currently more than 200000 total wit friends say, take 2020 as a year away, the mood will be better, but come to think of it, and sure enough gratis thing in respect of goods is not good, also have a trouble, we still continue in the ups and downs of mood, pray for the peace of the world! How to fall again, as long as a coupon remnant, class or, only work, zhuan) As a ( qian) A mind off them. After the shuddering, consumers in the field of protection and beauty makeup what new demands? How to accurately understand markets and create beautiful skin products conform to the requirements? 01 repair become skin care needs in the field of giant clean, moisture, whitening skin has been market near the top in the exam, just transfer to come over soon new 'fix' has sprung up, in a short period of time is beyond whitening, crowded into the top three, sensitive muscle in the process of girls. 'Sensitive skin' volume continued to rise since 2017, according to the 'beauty makeup the headline' sensitive care needs report, consumers in case of itchy skin, facial flush, stabbing pain, 41% would take the lead in buying repair sensitive class to protect skin to taste. Born after the outbreak of life, face masks and frequency, manifestation is the skin barrier damage after the itching, redness, stabbing pain, bold prediction of the future 'repair' classmate took, result there will be substantial progress, catch up with the top students hydrating, nor is it not possible. 02 pursuit of security, takes the pure for sensitive skin and pay attention to the management of skin crowd, the biggest key pain points include skin care, stimulation, allergies, acne, so choose to protect skin to taste, ingredients are 'safe' is the primary factor. After big outbreak, security issues are on the high position to discuss and safety consciousness will be derived to every aspect of life. Consumer attention degree rise again in the ingredients, not only need to know what is the cost, need know that does not contain any more, not only to clear effect, more need to know the risk, need more transparent product information. From the composition of domestic party, to the European and American wind pure beauty makeup ( 清洁美丽) , under the trend of skin care information transparency, the product composition of dispute will be increasingly fierce. 03 delicate skin care promoting happiness, subdivision category value-added potential in the era of the outbreak, we urgently need to resolve stress and anxiety, from the detail place to seek the happiness of life. Curtilage home against plague city gens going to work, have so plenty of time for the first time, able to care for themselves, pay attention to physical and mental health, such as for themselves at home for a whole body of delicate skin, is great stress-reliever. Consumption upgrade, downgrade, enjoy a delicate skin care segment of the consumer, no market re-education, can retain habits easily. Outbreak accelerate subdivision and the rise of professional skin care market, skin care project beyond the facial, more want to extend to the hair, neck, hands and feet all details, all over the body such as the 360 - degree beauty will become the mainstream in the future. 04 shopping habits cloud, skin care products have a cloud and netizens use the outbreak period, no overtake a live band goods carefully, cannot be called a qualified quickly disappear. Offline consumption sharply shrinking, many traditional enterprise is faced with the problem of life and death, the original beauty makeup in offline channels occupy absolute advantage enterprises also have to make a change, this time a short video marketing, live with goods, private domain to sell goods, to play popular, BA mammal have entered turned with the owner, cloud shopping becomes a part of the consumer lifestyle. Beauty makeup to protect skin to taste of social attributes increasingly strengthened, and the online cloud, in the supermarket across the screen, which products have the Internet properties, more is able to provide consumers with social currency, it is the opportunity to add to cart will be greater. Therefore, at the beginning of the new product was born, in addition to the user requirements and product efficacy, product managers have to ask yourself, my child will be a good Internet people? Opportunity for ready, acute response to market changes, grasp the consumer's pain points and requirements, to turn crises into opportunities, 2020, a round beautiful turnaround! Tags: beautiful skin
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