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Use after washing your hands free liquid need to wash your hands?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-13
In recent years, free hand wash liquid increasingly appear in our life, provides us with great convenience, especially away from home is not convenient to wash their hands, the supplies solves the problem of us great. So, what is free liquid washing your hands? Using surface liquid washing your hands need to wash your hands?
free hand wash liquid wash finished?
wash-infection poison to wipe hands free, can eliminate a lot of stick the bacteria on the hand, but will stay in hand disinfectant particles. When children eat snacks, we can't guarantee the disinfectant was not eat into the stomach, so, it is recommended to use the free hand wash liquid or disinfectant, conditional still want to wash hands.

the expert thinks, not containing disinfectant washing products less and less now. Disinfectant after use, there will be a part of the disinfectant residues to be washing items, such as toys, eating food, tableware and so on. We, including children, there will be a chronic disinfectant feed into the problem. Chronic small amounts of food into the disinfectant, can affect the intestinal flora, then affect the intestinal health. Special don't eat for 'are still in the hands of children' washing hands with free fluid.

now many kindergarten school will let children with free hand wash liquid, advice on children or use water to wash your hands before dinner, in order to avoid the disinfectant hand sanitizer to eat into the belly. 。 Previously, there are media reports say there are children in the United States because eating free hand wash liquid in a high concentration of alcohol and cause alcohol poisoning, thus promoted the benzalkonium chloride as the main component of liquid soft washing your hands free sales.

in fact, only in the flow of water washing to remove stains on your hand, wash hands fluid, can kill the bacteria on the hand, and finally become sterile stain. Therefore, suggested that parents should teach children if at home, should as far as possible use of soap and other cleaning products by the flow of water flushing to achieve the purpose of cleaning, if must give the child to use in outdoor environment without washing your hands fluid, try to watch the children, reduce eat hand after cleaning, etc.

all in all, hand washing in daily care, family life, or try to use soap or liquid soap and running water for cleaning, cleaning thoroughly at the same time. Free hand wash liquid or advice as an emergency to use the product, in the outdoor is not convenient, can use a once in a while, it is not recommended to wash his hands free fluid is day-to-day. At the same time, the children and allergy should carefully use free hand wash liquid.
what is washing your hands free fluid principle
composition + disinfection volatile solvent for washing your hands free fluid principle

alcohol and benzalkonium chloride is washing your hands free fluid in the disinfection, glycerin and lipid composition is to be able to play a role that protect skin. Washing your hands free fluid requirements under the condition of the water shortage can play clean dirt, one of the sterilizing effect is alcohol and benzalkonium chloride. In order to avoid too much bubble, and use after washing your hands free liquid hand automatically volatilize, need not rinse water, therefore in its composition, add alcohol and some volatile surface active agent, by surfactant take away the dirt, and automatically volatilize, achieve clean effect.
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