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Use hand sanitizer can have damage to the skin?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-14
Hand sanitizer does not harm the skin, only the quality of the product is unqualified products will hurt the skin. In hand sanitizer products, the pH value is the important indicators of hand sanitizer acid alkali.

in general, in order to protect the skin of the hand, hand sanitizer ph to control within the scope of the neutral partial acid, use for a long time, can cause certain stimulation, opponents of the skin may cause damage to the skin.

we use hand sanitizer, is to wash the hands of bacteria, keep clean. Hand sanitizer products according to the relevant provisions of the state in the total number of colonies cannot exceed 1000 cfu/g, tainted products, has achieved 300000 cfu/g, and 300 times. Use this colony total exceeds bid hand sanitizer products, not only, the effect was not clean, also can produce secondary pollution, it is not worth the cost.
how to choose and buy hand sanitizer

the average price is lower than or ml per 500 grams, less than 10 yuan, less than the price of products, the unqualified product is higher, the quality are not guaranteed. Hand sanitizer when the choose and buy, not only look at price, low price products in terms of product quality, often not guaranteed.

smell when using hand sanitizer is a pungent smell. To see if hand washing liquid bottle appear statified or oil-water separation. Should also pay attention to see whether the hand sanitizer in the sediment and suspended solids, etc. , once the situation, then the product quality problems, don't continue to use.
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