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Use hand sanitizer should pay attention to what?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-12
Everyone with hand sanitizer every day, so need to pay attention to when using hand sanitizer?
use hand sanitizer note
1, the amount of liquid soap to wash your hands every time

when using hand sanitizer, the quantity of use need not too much at a time. Every time with the size of a penny coin, can ensure clean hands.

2, wash your hands each time at least 30 seconds

everybody when hand washing, don't use hand sanitizer knead once water washed away. Washing hands with liquid soap to wash your hands for 30 seconds to ensure liquid penetration to the skin surface. After washing dry naturally don't touch anything. In addition, if the hand in 10 - 15 seconds did, that is to say MingShui and hand sanitizer penetration is not deep enough, consumption need some deeper.

3, wash your hands after hand cream

use hand sanitizer after hand often feel dry, people often use hand sanitizer, can use again after some hand cream with moisturizing effect.

4, sometimes hand sanitizer ineffective

sometimes hand sanitizer effect than soap. Such as was clearly dirty hands with the wound bleeding, or hand soap effect is much bigger than that of the hand sanitizer.
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