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Use of alcohol, avoid washing your hands fluid, 84 disinfectant, need to pay attention to the security risk!

by:Zanyu     2020-10-24
Facing the outbreak of alcohol, avoid washing your hands fluid, 84 disinfectant is epidemic prevention products when use of people's common bear in mind that these safety knowledge or may lead to danger! These should pay attention to use of alcohol and avoid washing your hands! Recently, some experts pointed out that 75% of the alcohol ( Ethanol) Can effectively kill virus and at that time, people snapped up medical alcohol disinfection by itself but high levels of alcohol in the home is a flammable liquid used and stored improperly to fire when the alcohol concentration is higher than 70% after the volatilization of alcohol increase the combustible gas in the indoor air in the air there is a little spark may cause bums and it's even more dangerous than alcohol was lit from the main composition of liquid washing your hands is alcohol also use alcohol to avoid fire, therefore, must pay attention to safety! 1 how to correctly use and storage of alcohol? 1. Recipients, staging, use the vessel must have a reliable sealing, lidless container is strictly prohibited. 2. In the use of alcohol, must maintain indoor ventilation. 3. Around before use make sure there is no open flame, burning flammable substances. 4. When used on the container must be immediately after each use cover closed, it is forbidden to open place. 5. Used a towel cloth cleaning tools, such as applied in after the use amount of top water wash after store closed, or put ventilated place dry. 2 how alcohol burning out? 1. Large amount of water fire extinguishing is the key of alcohol is the use of the water to put out fire, but instantaneous water use is very large. In a short period of time to join a lot of water, can make a fire part fast cooling below the ignition point, so as to achieve the effect of the fire. Otherwise, water will only make alcohol dilution and continued to burn. 2. Wet cloth GaiHuo off the oxygen of oxygen on cut off most fire is the best way to extinguish alcohol fire. In practice, it is best to use the quilt cover a larger objects, if use smaller objects such as t-shirts, may need to be repeated to cover, but is by no means a quick pat action. Burned itself, in addition, in order to prevent the covering in conditional, best soaked in advance will be covering. The practice of cover fire with sand, the principle is the same. 3. Fire extinguisher has a risk to the human body the principle of dry powder extinguishing is oxygen. But dry powder has certain corrosion, if direct injection to human body, is likely to produce secondary to have burned skin damage. 3 alcohol on fire, the wounded how to save his life? 1. Immediately take off clothes clothing with alcohol, has become so, the fastest speed to remove clothing, from the heat source, can maximum limit reduce damage and consequences. 2. Avoid Shouting in the head and face has been surrounded by flames, Shouting can cause severe respiratory tract burn. And respiratory tract burn, is one of the three major causes of death in patients with burns. 3. Try to put out a fire if around the bucket and can be used for the fire fighting of things is the best. If not, the pressure should be rolled out the flame, or at least to suppress the fire and reduce the damage. To remind you again: 75% of medical alcohol is a flammable liquid in the spray alcohol disinfection should pay attention to keep away from open flame and high temperature object to pay attention to don't get close to heating, heating furnace and other heating appliances at the same time attention should be paid to avoid children contact in epidemic prevention and at the same time, please don't forget to fire safety!
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