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Use protect skin to taste what harm to your skin?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-18
The love of beauty is a woman's nature, like to wear beautiful clothes, do a fashionable hair style, use cosmetics, some success becomes a radiant goddess, because there are a large part of the use of inferior cosmetics, and wrong way of skin care, day by day does not change, don't say disfigured. Inferior to protect skin to taste those who harm? 1, cosmetic contact dermatitis: because the long-term use of contains a lot of chemicals and hormones cosmetics, make the skin surface structure was destroyed, and makeup tools not clean, use time long will cause the cosmetic contact dermatitis, develops in the face and neck. 2, cosmetics acne: mostly bad oily or bad powder clogged pores caused sebum excretion disorder, common have hoary head acne, blackhead, pustules, and rash. 3, cosmetics pigment abnormalities: contact cosmetics skin after looking at good, once you stop using the melanin calm or look yellow. 4, cosmetics, hair damage: use the hair, the cosmetics, the bifurcation, etc. , some facial hair. 5, cosmetics hormone-dependent dermatitis: after the use of cosmetics to bleach, acne, and smooth effect, once you stop using, can let the skin cosmetics add hormone problems, redness, itching, sensitive, thin cuticle, and so on and so forth. Got cosmetic skin disease? 1, timely medical treatment, or consulting professionals, active treatment, do not delay, the earlier treatment begins, the better. 2, should choose components without adding, no hormones, preservatives, essence of skin care products, and do not recommend using effective whitening products, don't be too complicated composition. 3, avoid using too cold or hot water washs a face, choose low foam cleansing gentle cleanser, gimmick to light, cleansing times less than 2 times a day. 4, pay attention to prevent bask in, avoid the sun during treatment, not a sauna, and don't sweat evaporate. 5, hormone-dependent dermatitis caused by cosmetics, because the face appear more problems, more patients are not willing to go out and people contact, patients during treatment must have a good attitude, actively cooperate with, reduce the adverse emotional factors stimulation to the skin. Conclusion: must be the correct use of cosmetics, based on their skin to choose suits own cosmetics, avoid blindly believe in advertisements, more don't believe that 3 days work products, don't you go to sleep at night to sleep with makeup, do not use expired or microbial contamination of cosmetics, choose to buy cosmetics must see clear ingredients.
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