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Wash your hands free gel can what? How does it work?

by:Zanyu     2020-09-28
Disposable sterile gel is a kind of simple and convenient cleaning products, but also some people don't know it, so just what can be used for disinfection of disposable gel? Disposable sterilized gel can what? 1 is the main ingredient in disposable sterile gel cross-linked with hydroxy diphenyl ether and isopropyl alcohol, it is mainly used for cleaning and disinfecting hands, its biggest characteristic is under the premise that don't need to water, but also can effectively remove and inhibit bacteria in hand, more commonly used for hand washing, health, health care workers to surgical hand disinfection and general skin disinfection; Of course, there are some families will be equipped with disposable sterilized gel. Hand washing gel from harmful? Usually does not. The main components of the free hand washing gel is ethanol, there is a small amount of isopropyl alcohol composition, in general, normal use detergent to wash your hands free won't cause harm to human body. But if allergic to alcohol or isopropyl alcohol composition, or the skin is broken, is recommended not to use, so as not to stimulate the skin, cause allergic reactions such as dry, chapped skin. Free hand washing detergent and gel distinction? There is no difference. Free hand washing and disinfection disinfectant gel, there is no difference between the two components are cross-linked with hydroxy diphenyl ether, ethanol, skin dose, etc. , and a transparent jelly, and use effect on the way to use convenient also is same, so don't need too long when buy, buy what is possible. How do you use to wash your hands free gel? 1, internal cleansing. Squeeze right amount without first washing gel on the palm, palm relative, then knead 5 - each other 10 times. 2, external cleaning. The left heart rub right hand; The right hand heart left hand rub, rub each other 5 - 10 times. 3, clean finger clearance. Two fingers crossed, and knead for 5 times. 4, clean. Thumbs up to the tiger rub 5 times. His hands alternates. 5, stomach clean. Stomach to set about the position of the palm, rub your back and forth - 5 10 times, both hands continue until hand sanitizer absorption. Note: 1, the use of disposable sanitizing gel when clean hands, wash your hands more than time in about 20 seconds. 2, if is a surgical hand disinfection, first should be in accordance with the specification after washing hands with soap and running water rinse, with sterile towels to dry, then apply the gel evenly to wash your hands free hand and forearm, about 5 - each arm 10 ml, 3 minutes. 【 Customized skin care products maker main business: OEM cosmetics processing, cosmetics, skin care products processing, wash protect products branded products such as the formula of research and development, market positioning, product packaging design and material supply, products for the record, filling production through-train service! Welcome calls 】 Tags: disposable sterilized gel gel to wash your hands free
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