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Washing your hands free fluid, alcohol cotton. 。 。 Epidemic prevention items can take a plane?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-07
According to the early predictions, each would probably greatly airport this week to return domestic passenger traffic, many passengers in addition to put on a mask, in return will also carry alcohol wet wipes, such as cotton, washing your hands free fluid personal protective equipment disinfection, that whether these items can take a plane? During the epidemic prevention and control, in addition to the usual normal it is prohibited to carry dangerous goods by air, common disease prevention and control and related items, such as surgical masks, N95 masks, goggles, ordinary not cause safety problems such as protective clothing items, there is no limit to carry on. Alcohol disinfection products such as cotton, washing your hands free fluid sort is more, need to see specific components of the item. Note: if more than 70% alcohol, passengers can't be checked, also can't carry. If it is less than or equal to 70% of the alcohol, can be checked, checked it is important to note that in the retail packaging, bottle does not allow more than 500 ml. Currently on the market and some logo is not contain alcohol, it has a name is isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, 84 disinfectant, the disinfection effervescent tablets and so on, belong to the air transport of dangerous goods, the passenger is not checked, also can't carry. During the outbreak, some tourists pay special attention to their health, habits often use body temperature measurement, so the opportunity to have any requirements for carrying the thermometer? Note: mercury thermometer belongs to can not carry, only as a shipper. And checked it is important to note that when mercury thermometers must be placed in protective box inside, must have protection device. Electronic thermometers can be as a check, can also be used as a carry-on. But one thing to note, electronic thermometer, if it is lithium battery, lithium battery must pay attention to is not more than 100 ma, and be sure to prevent short circuit measures considering the safety problem, many airlines canceled meals during outbreaks, passenger dining is not very convenient. In addition to the conventional bandgap items, China Eastern airlines ground services Xiong Jie said: since the heating food is to pay special attention to, because it is a kind of release of flammable gas containing magnesium powder, iron powder, it is belong to dangerous goods, can't check in, also can't carry, pay special attention to! At present, the airlines have been well temperature detection, information registration, public supplies disinfection epidemic prevention measures in time, to ensure the safety of passengers during the outbreak of travel. There are these disinfection products do not contain alcohol and isopropyl alcohol, and wider application scope: hospitals, families, enterprises and institutions, factories and other public occasions, prevent virus bacteria invasion, wash hands thoroughly from the beginning! Foam hand sanitizer cleaner, 1 bottle can wash 500 times! 1, washing your hands free fluid ( Stupid Mr. Bromide) 2, water potential, Hypochlorous acid sanitizers) 3, bacteriostatic liquid ( Double guanidine kind sanitizers) 4, silver ion antibacterial ( Silver class sanitizers) Tags: washing your hands free liquid alcohol cotton.
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