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Washing your hands free fluid and disposable gel have what different?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-02
Washing your hands free fluid is more fire cleaning products, it can not clean water can reach the purpose of clean hands, but too many on the market of washing your hands free fluid, and disposable gel is also doesn't wash with water to clean and sterilization, rival don't know that washing your hands free fluid and what is the difference between a disposable gel? Washing your hands free fluid and what is the difference between disposable gel? No difference. Actually from liquid washing your hands is from washing disinfection gel, both contain ingredients are the same, is cross-linked with hydroxy diphenyl ether, ethanol, skin care agent as main ingredient, as a general rule, be transparent, can be in the case of no water to wash their hands kill pathogenic bacteria in hands, the use method and the effect is the same. Washing your hands free liquid spray or gel good? Free hand washing disinfection gel. Disposable type gel, in the case of without water, soap, towel, can quickly clean hands anytime and anywhere, after extrusion gel, rub hands directly, until dry hands, rub your hands together in the process of gel can volatilize, dry and not sticky hands after using, just painted on the hands, there will be a little alcohol taste, rub soon basic have no taste, but also to wash your hands frequently damaging, rival gel will also add plant formula moisturizing factor and glycerin content, protect the skin, wash your hands after hands won't feel dry, and while a spray is convenient, easy to carry, but the effect of sterilization, disinfection, decontamination less free hand washing disinfection gel. Washing your hands free solution how to use: 1, take free liquid 3 - wash your hands 5 ml on palm, about the size of a dime coin. 2, hands rub all parts ( Reference 7 steps to hand washing) 。 3, palm to palm, rub. 4, fingers interlaced, palms facing finger rub. 5, fingers interlaced, palm to palm knead. 6, hands clasped, knead refers back to each other. 7, the thumb knead in the palm. 8, fingers in the palm knead. 9, his left hand from the right wrist of the forearm to the elbow rotation rub. 10 and knead to completely dry, 10 - is usually required For 15 seconds. 11, need to hand sanitizer is dry, can't use paper to wipe the hand sanitizer, otherwise it will affect the effect. 12, young children, adult should put hand sanitizer spray into their own hands, and then by the adults to help children to wipe hands, until completely dry. Note 1. Shall not be oral; If accidentally splashed into eye, rinse with water. 2. Flammable, away from the flame, kept in shade. 3. Should be placed in infants and young children do not touch the location. 4. If produce allergic reaction should immediately stop using, severe cases should go to a doctor. Washing your hands free solution how to choose? 1, the alcohol concentration: choose alcohol concentration - in 70 75% free hand wash liquid between some may not contain alcohol, so can inhibit the growth of bacteria and can't kill bacteria, virus, need to choose alcohol concentration - in 70 75% bactericidal effect is best, and alcohol concentration can't too high too low, otherwise will affect the use effect. 2, see note: look for the 'size' elimination the hand sanitizer is divided into two categories, one kind is ordinary hand sanitizer, Clean effect) ; Another kind is disinfection liquid soap ( Containing bacteriostasis or sterilization composition) 。 When the choose and buy should pay more attention to ordinary hand sanitizer is commonly 'kind', disinfection liquid soap for more 'size'. 3, see ingredients: to include skin care agent clean hand washing your hands often with free liquid, dry, hand skin is replaced so buy need composition containing glycerol of skin care, with its moisturizing effect. 4, formal channels when buy washing your hands free fluid must be through formal channels, shopping mall to buy directly or through manufacturers and observe the product label instruction, so as not to buy fake goods.
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