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Washing your hands free fluid and water to wash hand sanitizer which good?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-10
Hand sanitizer believes everyone not unfamiliar, but the hand sanitizer on market disposable and washing machine has two, then free hand wash liquid and washing hand sanitizer which good? Free water to wash hand sanitizer is a principle? Washing your hands free fluid and water to wash hand sanitizer which good? Each has his strong point. Buy hand sanitizer, people often struggle to buy disposable or wash good, actually need to see a personal choice, liquid washing your hands free to use more convenient, regardless of occasions, also don't need water, spray on the hand rub repeatedly to the volatile, but the ability to clean, can not effectively remove hand deep dirt, and water to wash hand sanitizer decontamination effect is good, for oil dirties, invisible to the naked eye can effectively remove dirt and stains, just need repeated washing with water, using complex process. Above all, avoid washing your hands come in different liquid and washing hand sanitizer, specific to see actual situation to buy. From water to wash hand sanitizer principle from water to wash hand sanitizer is currently on the market a without using hand disinfectant towel, soap and water, with no water to wash their hands, long duration, tender skin, disinfection sterilization, etc, its main components in hydrogen peroxide and activated colloidal silver ions, and part of containing 75% ethanol and medical glycerin, has certain volatile, used to clean hands, the harmful material such as active ingredients can rival bacteria sterilization, also can evaporate in a short time, don't need to clean. Washing your hands free fluid safe? To be safe. Generally in stores and other formal channels of washing your hands free fluid is safe, does not rival skin effect, because it contains alcohol, propylene glycol and harmless to human body, but also contain glycerin, glycerin, use after skin moisturizing effect to a certain extent, rival in the largest extent, reduce the skin irritation, in addition, the free hand wash liquid needs to be available in the market after the national security checks before selling, so does not worry about the safety of the free hand wash liquid, but when use, should not be excessive, lest make hand less moisture, dry condition. Use after washing your hands free fluid can eat? Suggest using clean water before eating. While washing your hands free fluid can kill bacteria into the hands of the sterile stain, but cannot completely remove hand goods, in addition, the use of disinfectants, active ingredients will be part of the disinfectant residues in hand, the consumption of food, can make the hand area of the residual material from the mouth into the body, have an effect to their intestines and stomach health, so after using the free hand wash liquid, Suggestions on the flow of water to wash hands, effectively remove stains on your hand again after eating food.
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