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Washing your hands free fluid belongs to the dangerous goods? Washing your hands free fluid outlet should be paid attention to these matters!

by:Zanyu     2020-10-01
Washing your hands free fluid belongs to the dangerous goods? Washing your hands free fluid outlet should be paid attention to these matters! Recently, the custom skin care products maker production a batch of washing your hands free fluid products export Singapore smoothly. New crown since the SARS outbreak, masks, protective clothing, such as epidemic prevention materials in short supply, among them, the free hand wash liquid containing alcohol is just as 'hot', in improving domestic outbreak, and foreign epidemic situation of sustainable development, and this kind of hand sanitizer also become a 'beacon' in the export trade. The reporter learns from guangzhou customs, affected by the epidemic, guangzhou has many originally engaged in production of cosmetics companies switched the free hand wash liquid products. Just within a week, has many enterprise of guangzhou customs to provide the related policy advisory services. It is understood that at present the common washing your hands free fluid on market main ingredient is alcohol, the alcohol content of 60% - 95%, of which 60% alcohol concentration - 70% of the products is in the majority. Scientific name of ethanol alcohol, under atmospheric pressure is a flammable, volatile, colorless transparent liquid. According to the sample the proposal for dangerous goods regulations ( Sample hereinafter referred to as 'regulations') The classification of the basis, contain alcohol concentration is 60%, 70% of the free hand wash liquid belongs to dangerous goods, usually is classified as class 3 flammable liquids. In accordance with the relevant requirements for free hand wash liquid products which are included in the dangerous goods shall go through the customs when export department to apply for dangerous export goods packaging use appraisal, the customs according to the requirements of the regulation model of goods packaging suitability and normative appraisal, qualified after issued by the export goods transport packaging use appraisal result form ( Also called 'dangerous package certificate') , the enterprise by the certificate to the ports of the maritime declare or port authorities shipment. It is important to note that for a capacity of 50 or 100 ml bottle of small volume, and the piece in the carton packaging hand sanitizer amount is lower than the regulation model, the list of dangerous goods regulations limit the number of hand sanitizer, can according to the regulation model of finite number of dangerous goods transport requirements, in accordance with the limited mode of transportation. Don't need to apply to the customs authorities 'dangerous package certificate'. Remind related enterprise of guangzhou customs, dangerous goods transportation safety matters, higher packaging requirements. Intend to export enterprises can confirm hand sanitizer dangerous properties under the premise of classification results, consulting relevant policy to the customs department, for more detailed guidance services. Tags: washing your hands free fluid outlet
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