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Washing your hands free fluid can really wash hand? To stimulate the skin? Children can use?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-25
In recent one or two years, washing your hands free fluid is more and more appear in our life, because of its without flushing water, many adults travel like to carry a bottle of, also for the children to prepare a bottle of. So, avoid washing your hands fluid what principle? Can you really clean? If there is a potential safety hazard? Basic principle of washing your hands free fluid composition + disinfection volatile solvent from the point of composition, the free hand wash liquid products are mainly divided into two categories, category is alcohol as the main effective components, about 50% 80% alcohol, and about 20% glycerol; Another kind is claimed soft products specially designed for children, its important components is benzalkonium chloride, coupled with the chain triglycerides, triethyl citrate and other lipids. So these ingredients have what role? The collocation of these ingredients: it represents the basic principle of washing your hands fluid effect, alcohol and benzalkonium chloride is washing your hands free fluid in the disinfection, glycerin and lipid composition is to be able to play a role that protect skin. Washing your hands free fluid requirements under the condition of the water shortage can play clean dirt, one of the sterilizing effect is alcohol and benzalkonium chloride, in order to avoid too much bubble, and use after washing your hands free liquid hand automatically volatilize, need not rinse water, therefore, in its content, you need to add alcohol and some volatile surface active agent, by surfactant away dirt, and automatically volatilize, achieve clean effect. At the same time, in order to protect the skin, also can add skin care ingredients such as glycerine, plant oils, lipids. Can realize the basic clean aseptic generally no stimulation to the skin wash his hands free fluid through simple scrub complete cleaning process, can be truly disinfection in addition to bacteria, this is a lot of people very concerned problem. Washing your hands free liquid alcohol is the main active ingredients or benzalkonium chloride, alcohol is a common sterilization disinfectant, medical and other fields and benzalkonium chloride, is a kind of non oxidizing bactericide, broad-spectrum, high efficient sterilization ability, commonly used in industrial and medical disinfection, band-aid and so on also has the ingredients in the product. Therefore, whether alcohol washing your hands free fluid, or benzalkonium chloride as the main active ingredients of the product, its in such aspects as clean aseptic is a basic requirements can be achieved. Washing your hands free fluid can stimulate the skin? Washing your hands free fluid in the two main effective components, is a kind of benzalkonium chloride, washing your hands free fluid composition of benzalkonium chloride in were very small, very low concentration, general won't cause stimulation to the skin; Another is alcohol, the alcohol is a kind of widely used in medical field disinfection, volatile is extremely strong, stimulation to the skin also is very small, plus, free hand wash liquid that commonly with glycerin, lipids and other skincare ingredients, after cleaning, can play a certain protective effect to the skin, therefore, to use free hand wash liquid generally do not cause damage to the skin. Is not necessarily good for children should be less as far as possible for children to use due to infants and young children are usually very easy to handle is dirty, infants and young children parents is to purchase an important group of no liquid washing your hands, but at the same time, the behavior of infants and young children often have to eat hand, said many parents were worried about liquid soap residue swallowed by a child in hand. Everyday, should as far as possible for children to use free hand wash liquid, if in the home, should as far as possible use of soap and other cleaning products by water flushing to clean, if children use in outdoor environment must avoid washing your hands fluid, the children as far as possible, reduce eat hand after cleaning, etc. Advocate use water clean special populations should be cautious to use for most people, using free hand wash liquid is no stimulation to the skin, but does not rule out some people allergic to benzalkonium chloride, so this kind of person will cause skin irritation after use, form a contact dermatitis and other issues; At the same time, clinical often there are some people allergic to alcohol, after use will cause the skin dry, itching, causing problems such as eczema, allergic dermatitis. Hand washing, therefore, in the daily care, or try to use soap or liquid soap and running water for cleaning, cleaning thoroughly at the same time. Free hand wash liquid or advice as an emergency to use the product, in the outdoor is not convenient, can use a once in a while, it is not recommended to wash his hands free fluid is day-to-day. At the same time, the children and allergy should carefully use free hand wash liquid.
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