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Washing your hands free fluid can take the subway? A small bottle of alcohol to take the subway?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-06
Yesterday in the supermarket bought a bottle of washing your hands free fluid, I is take the subway to work at ordinary times, avoid washing your hands fluid can take the subway? The following together and see it! Washing your hands free fluid can take the subway? Can't. If it is a medical disposable disinfectant hand sanitizer, ethanol content is higher, generally ethanol content between 50% and 65%, so the concentration of ethanol can be burning, if open the alcohol evaporates in a flash can burn. Belong to the combustible materials, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combustible could not take the subway. Disposable gel can get on the train? See ingredients. If the disposable gel contains a lot of volatile flammable chemicals, such as the composition such as ethanol, for subway and other such public traffic safety is very important, take not sure. Advice: 1, with a small bottle packing, good enough. 2, also considering the composition of volatile, must be well sealed. A small bottle of alcohol to take the subway? Can't. According to relevant laws and regulations, alcohol belongs to the chemical dangerous goods, carrying more than four bottles of alcohol ( 2000 ml) Will be banned by subway. Other taboos by subway: 1, it is forbidden to carry inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, or radioactive, and destruction of dangerous goods (such as Such as detonators, explosives, firecrackers, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, paint, calcium carbide, liquefied gas, controlled knives, all kinds of acids, etc. ) And other items of endangering public security. 2, it is forbidden to carry long ( 1. More than 8 meters) , fragile, Such as glass and fragile glass products, etc. ) , heavy ( Such as bicycles, washing machines, TV sets, desktop computer monitors, refrigerators, etc. ) , obstruction of public health, the car and the on-site traffic environment, easy to dirty the equipment and the subway station car items and animal bus station. Alcohol cotton piece can take the subway? Usually carry a small amount of alcohol sponge, alcohol cotton piece can be through security into the subway. But different parts of the subway regulations may have different specific situation to the local actual situation shall prevail, if not the above local subway cannot carry will support the work of staff.
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