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Washing your hands free fluid cleaning force is not strong also bad for the skin?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-26
In recent years, washing your hands free fluid was welcomed by many people, because of its convenient, can remove bacteria. But there are saying, free hand wash liquid cleaning force is not strong, and bad for the skin, is this true?
free hand wash liquid through a simple scrub complete cleaning process, can be truly disinfection, in addition to bacteria? Washing your hands free liquid alcohol is the main active ingredients or benzalkonium chloride, alcohol is a common sterilization disinfectant, medical and other fields and benzalkonium chloride is a kind of oxidizing bactericide, broad-spectrum, high efficient sterilization ability. Therefore, whether alcohol washing your hands free fluid, or benzalkonium chloride as the main active ingredients of the product, its in such aspects as clean, in addition to bacteria is a basic requirements can be achieved.

in washing your hands free fluid is more and more consumers for use at the same time, there are also many questions about is not good for the skin after use. Washing your hands free fluid composition of benzalkonium chloride in a very small, generally do not cause stimulation to the skin; Alcohol is a kind of widely used in medical field disinfection, volatile is extremely strong, stimulation to the skin also is very small. Plus free hand wash liquid that commonly and glycerin, lipids and other skincare ingredients, can play a certain protective effect to the skin after cleaning, so using free hand wash liquid generally will not cause damage to the skin.
while washing your hands free fluid can meet the demand of basic clean, in addition to bacteria, also won't cause harm to the skin, but the people's liberation army DiBaYi hospital dermatological department, director of the red in an interview with the jinling evening news remind: 'wash your hands is the most simple and effective method to prevent diseases. In the absence of any cleaning condition, eating before washing with washing your hands free fluid than directly to eat better, but the scientific way to wash your hands still is washed with water, instead of washing your hands free fluid. 'This is because the wash with soap or hand wash more effectively remove some bacteria. Washing your hands free fluid is, therefore, in the case of can't wash to use, should not be as a daily option.

but, free hand wash liquid pose a safety hazard, must be careful when using. Mr. Lee, director of the center for the northern national college basic chemical experiment, free hand wash liquid generally contains more than 60% of the alcohol, so the fire is burning. Small make up remind, washing your hands free fluid had better avoid light preservation, away from the high temperature, especially don't directly in the car, to avoid danger after internal liquid is heated. Parents with children more should pay attention to when using, must personally apply to the child, the child alone or to avoid eating by mistake.
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