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Washing your hands free fluid containing alcohol? Alcohol-based hand sanitizers?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-08
Washing your hands free fluid is a kind of more convenient and quick wash hand cleaner, in many places are all very convenient, so how much free hand wash liquid containing alcohol? Washing your hands free fluid containing alcohol? At least more than 50%. Washing your hands free fluid is on the market has a lot of kinds, according to the classification can be divided into two kinds of alcohol concentration, the liquid is a kind of low concentration alcohol washing your hands free, another kind is a high concentration of free hand wash liquid, low concentration alcohol free hand wash liquid alcohol content is in commonly 50% 60%, and high levels of alcohol washing your hands free liquid concentration is 60% 80%, so as not to wash his hands by liquid alcohol content is not low, is at least more than 50%. Washing your hands free fluid can play sterilization and without washing, it is one of the main ingredients are alcohol, alcohol can not only disinfection sterilization, also very volatile, so as not to wash his hands by liquid became the tool to wash your hands. 75% alcohol disinfection effect is best, it is also a free hand wash liquid alcohol concentration must be the cause of the high, or less than disinfection sterilization effect, not to mention washing their hands. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers? There are advantages and disadvantages. Washing your hands free fluid is a favourable hand sanitizer. Its advantage is to hand have a very good sterilizing effect, relative to other hand sanitizer disinfection sterilization is more complete, quick and convenient, don't wash, it will be very helpful for people in some special working environment, such as hospitals and other health facilities, public places, etc. And avoid the disadvantages of liquid washing your hands is yes, that is because of the high alcohol content in the liquid soap, easy to cause certain effect to the skin. We human hand skin have the function of the absorption, and the long-term use of gel containing high levels of alcohol smear on skin, hand skin will absorb some more or less, so as to cause certain damage to skin and stimulate, may cause allergic skin weather-shack, wait for a symptom, so treat free hand wash liquid need objective perspective. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers will burn? Washing your hands free fluid, but ordinary water to wash hand sanitizer can not. Ordinary water to wash hand sanitizer on market may also be mixed with a small amount of alcohol, this hand sanitizer is not burning, there is no danger, but the alcohol-based hand sanitizer on market basically is washing your hands free liquid, and wash his hands free liquid of alcohol concentration is high, basic it is at 60% Between 80% and 35% alcohol in concentrations may have ignited, so let alone without washing your hands fluid, it is to belong to flammable items, so in the use of free liquid washing your hands when you need to take the correct usage. The correct use of the free hand wash liquid: 1. In the use of washing your hands free fluid, places to stay away from fire. 2. Take the right amount of washing your hands free fluid in the palm, rub your hands. 3. Hand, hand sewing and hand side place both hands to rub each other. 4. Rub to wash his hands free liquid volatilization clean, pay attention to avoid hand sanitizer when no volatile dry don't close to the fire. 【 Customized skin care products maker main business: OEM cosmetics processing, cosmetics, skin care products processing, wash protect products branded products such as the formula of research and development, market positioning, product packaging design and material supply, products for the record, filling production through-train service! Welcome calls 】
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