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Washing your hands free fluid enterprise standard for the record how to deal with?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-07
Product executive standard is the basis of production, inspection, arbitration, products such as not corresponding national standards or industry standards, the implementation of enterprise standards should be established as a product standards. Process: (1) early consultation, quotation; (2) signed a contract; (3) according to the customer provide information to write and record all the required data; (4) to provide the draft to the customer, revised according to customer feedback; (5) organizational information to apply for registration or for the record of the public online; 6. Customer confirmation, invoice and payment. Enterprise standard filing agent 2 the information provided, write, and for the record to the enterprise, organization code certificate of enterprise legal person business license id product name all product specifications of raw materials required to use the instructions ( If please welcome to provide) The process flow, Process (probably If please welcome to provide) ) Technical parameters ( If please welcome to provide) Enterprise external sales promotion parameters ( If please welcome to provide) Packaging form ( With what kind of packing material, in what form the packing) Product pictures ( Photos) The product structure ( The structure of the simple schematic diagram ( Please provide if involved) Schematic diagram ( If please welcome to provide) Patent related ( Provide the patent number) Test report ( If please welcome to provide) Note: not all of the products subject to the above information, please according to provide the corresponding product information, please provide relevant product information as much as possible. Knowledge remind (1) part of the customers will ask 'enterprise product standards for the record' 'enterprise standard for the record' 'standards for the record' 'enterprise standard for the record' the enterprise standard ego statement 'enterprise with the self statement of the public' is the same meaning; (2) the requirements of each district is different, so the format is not all have to GB1. 1 - The requirement of 2009, according to the enterprise in different areas and different; 【 Customized skin care products maker main business: OEM cosmetics processing, cosmetics, skin care products processing, wash protect products branded products such as the formula of research and development, market positioning, product packaging design and material supply, products for the record, filling production through-train service! Welcome calls 】 Tags: washing your hands free fluid
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