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Washing your hands free fluid export port of shenzhen customs clearance what procedure to need?

by:Zanyu     2020-09-29
Washing your hands free fluid export port of shenzhen customs clearance what procedure to need? China currently has not restricting the masks, and encourage the export of protective clothing. The world is waiting for Made in China! Epidemic prevention of export flow 1 sign export contracts with foreign and domestic customers, determine the way of delivery. By domestic responsible for exporting goods abroad. ( When domestic exporters responsible for prepare export documents) 。 2, domestic exporters transportation company ( Shipping company or under FOB terms by foreign clients) And export chamber of commerce through the forwarder (usually Or directly with the shipping company) As a one-stop service ( All the transportation process from the origin to the boat) 。 3, freight forwarders, Export transportation company) According to the requirement of the exporters. Purpose the goods state, cargo weight and volume for freight forwarders, freight forwarders responsible for arranging the trailer, booking, customs declaration, shipment 4, when the goods before to arrange the trailer transport ( Or transportation at the same time) , the exporter need to provide the necessary customs clearance data (export customs declaration Foreign exchange verification and export contracts, invoices, packing list, customs declaration a power of attorney, and according to the requirements of the goods by national customs supervision export certificates, such as license, etc. ) 。 5, when the goods by the trailer to the specified port ( According to ship company booking and vessel name determines the outlet port) Container into the terminal yard, gate, began to formal regulation by the port customs, the container both access terminal yard must pass through customs approval to continue to operate. 6, when the container into the terminal yard, dock computer will record the container in time, container number and seal number, yard location information, and through with the customs by the customs computer networking computer monitoring. At this time to officially declare to the customs export. Still heavy ark at pier -- — Manifest filing - — Customs declaration - — The customs document examination - — Nuclear price, inspection ( Probability event) — — Ein finishing materials products (export customs epidemic prevention For reference) : 1. Disinfectant - — — — HS: 3808940090; 2. Hand sanitizer - — — — HS: 3401300000; We operate import/export products are: recently is a large amount of operation of the epidemic prevention supplies categories: disinfection gel, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, disposable gel etc tags: free hand wash liquid export
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