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Washing your hands free fluid is safe?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-05
Wash your hands frequently to prevent disease has good effect, but sometimes there is no water, can use liquid washing your hands clean hands free, but many people worry about: washing your hands free fluid is safe? Washing your hands free fluid safe? Normal use is safe, but if use undeserved, there may be danger: 1. Free hand wash liquid generally contains more than 60% of the alcohol, if improperly stored without washing your hands fluid, for example in the car, kitchen hearth, etc. , may catch fire. 2. Washing your hands free fluid in the fire is burning, after using hand if catches fire, could be dangerous. 3. Skin allergic to alcohol use without washing your hands fluid, may cause hand skin discomfort. 4. Young children may eat without washing your hands fluid, can also cause danger. Washing your hands free liquid alcohol content: different brands and types of washing your hands free, alcohol content, there may be differences of 60% 75% is possible. Free liquid washing your hands often contain alcohol, and alcohol is a kind of widely used in medical field disinfection, volatile is extremely strong, stimulation to the skin also is very small. The correct use of the free hand wash liquid: 1. Gush about the size of a dime coin hand sanitizer, in her hand. 2. Hands rub all parts, usually need 10 - 15 seconds, until completely dry hands. 3. Needs such as liquid soap dry, can't use paper to wipe the hand sanitizer, otherwise it will affect the effect. 4. Such as hand completely dry before they can eat with your hands. 5. For young children, adult should put hand sanitizer spray into their own hands, and then by the adults to help children to wipe hands, until completely dry. With more free liquid washing your hands? Not recommended for use, free hand wash liquid recommended in the case of the worst water use, should not be as a daily option. First washing your hands free fluid only disinfection, can decontamination, if have dirt, dust, use detergent to wash your hands and hand washing can not be clean. This situation is still need to clean hands with flowing water; In addition, free hand washing detergent containing alcohol, if the skin is allergic to alcohol, can cause skin discomfort. And often use detergent to wash your hands free may over clean hands, which in turn causes the hand skin becomes dry, so it is recommended to use detergent to wash your hands free to timely daub after moisturizing cream.
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