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Washing your hands free fluid put safety in the car? To check in?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-04
In the morning to the supermarket to buy a bottle of washing your hands free fluid, and home forget to wash his hands free liquid out from the car, then free hand wash liquid put safety in the car? Washing your hands free fluid to check in, please? Washing your hands free fluid put safety in the car? Are not safe. Without washing your hands fluid, although there is a very good sterilizing effect, moderate products without stimulation, but will wash his hands free fluid in the car is not safe, on the one hand, because of on the market to buy washing your hands free fluid containing alcohol, is a flammable and explosive, on the other hand is because the interior space is too small, over time the internal temperature will rise, if placed washing your hands free fluid in the car explosion and other dangerous situations may arise, proposed to avoid liquid washing your hands away from the fire source, stored in a cool and dry place. Washing your hands free fluid to check in? It depends. Liquid on the market without washing your hands with alcoholic and non-alcoholic, concrete can be checked with alcohol and has main concern, if no alcohol free hand wash liquid can be checked, will not have a big impact, if contain alcohol, generally do not recommend checking, because it belongs to flammable and explosive, specified in the national transport control, it is prohibited to carry inflammable and explosive goods, causing inconvenience not only give themselves a train, a train health can also affect others. Use free hand wash liquid note: 1, liquid washing your hands free while hand bacteria and other harmful substances, which can be removed but not decontamination, no good results, such as the oil dirties, then it is recommended to use water to wash hand sanitizer. 2, washing your hands free fluid is unfavorable and frequent use, because when the concentration of alcohol free hand wash liquid in around 75%, can rival the skin has certain weaken the role of loose, long-term use of to stimulate the skin. 3, to avoid accidentally splashed into eyes, wash his hands fluid suggest rinse, avoid hand contact with straight touch. Washing your hands free liquid and alcohol which good? Washing your hands free fluid. Free hand wash liquid and alcohol have the effect of disinfection sterilization, and the use scope of different, washing your hands free fluid is mainly used for washing, and alcohol are commonly used to disinfect, if both will be used to wash their hands, generally recommend washing your hands free liquid, washing hands because alcohol is weakened through the liquid alcohol to rival bacteria, can kill only a fraction of the bacteria, its sterilization effect not good professional washing your hands free fluid, and alcohol is volatile, in the hand the remaining time is too short. 【 Customized skin care products maker main business: OEM cosmetics processing, cosmetics, skin care products processing, wash protect products branded products such as the formula of research and development, market positioning, product packaging design and material supply, products for the record, filling production through-train service! Welcome calls 】 Tags: washing your hands free fluid
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