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Washing your hands free fluid test report for cycles and processes

by:Zanyu     2020-10-04
Hand sanitizer test product categories: on the market of hand sanitizer in the manner of use can be divided into two kinds: one kind is the traditional type washing hand sanitizer, including ordinary hand sanitizer and resistance ( Suppression) Bacteria liquid soap; Another kind of type for the water to wash hand sanitizer, namely, free hand wash liquid ( Including hand sanitizing gel, etc. ) Way, don't need to wash after use, is different from the traditional hand sanitizer. Normal hand sanitizer: it's by surfactant and conditioner water products, excluding bacteriostatic and bactericidal composition, its main function is to clean the skin, do not have bactericidal or bacteriostatic function. Resistance ( Suppression) Bacteria hand sanitizer: also called special hand sanitizer, is made from the surfactant and conditioner, with functions of cleaning and antibacterial, antibacterial special type of washing products, according to the function is divided into antimicrobial and antibacterial. Antibacterial, refers to the use of chemical or physical method to kill or inhibit bacteria growth, can reduce the number and activity process. Bacteriostatic, refers to the chemical or physical methods inhibit or interfere with the bacteria grow and its active process. To wash your hands with ordinary liquid ratio, resistance ( Suppression) Hand sanitizers function besides clean skin, there are certain bactericidal or bacteriostatic action. Washing your hands free fluid ( Including hand sanitizing gel) : is made from conditioner and moisturizing factor, suitable for hand washing of washing products. Use the difference with the traditional washing hand sanitizer, apply adequate amount to the palm, when use your hands to rub evenly coated to dry hands, do not need to wash. Market such products usually contain bactericidal or bacteriostatic composition, has a certain resistance ( Suppression) Bacteria or disinfection function. Player liquid quality inspection report to handle process: 1. Testing products and cycle of 2. Part of the testing fee 3. We will be in 3 - Complete product testing (within five days Received the sample be calculated from the day) 4. Issue the electronic inspection report for the customer to check, check and correct, print quality inspection report issued by 5. Send print report to the customer, end of the process.
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