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Washing your hands free fluid? To use?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-03
How about washing your hands free fluid, isn't it a good product? With everyone a grilled steak today from liquid washing your hands very not good, the baby's hands clean, can avoid the baby because the hand, and so on reasons for bacterial infection. Free hand wash liquid like baby free hand wash liquid portable children, I am into no scent. This brand is safe cleaning brand in infants. Children always like to touch to touch, to eat things and love directly by hand grasp, don't wash, bacteria eat into the belly, think of is sick! Go out really is not convenient to wash your hands, shopping malls and restaurants hand sanitizer, to be honest, I don't trust for a baby, so I can prepare the infant special thing ~ although is disposable, I after use, or use a wet towel to wipe, do not know this will not affect the effect of sterilization washing your hands free fluid experience stores and pharmacies can have this thing on the shelf, the bottle is small, 50 ml, easy to carry, can be placed in small bags, the infant child is available, suitable for 6 months to a baby, of course, personal recommendations use children older than one year, when the children begin to learn to walk, hand groped, without the concept of health. Go out to play with this can remove the trouble of hand washing, sterilization. Bottle for press type, shake before use, there are a lot of bubble out, like a mousse soft white and then wipe my hands a few times will be scattered to different parts of the palm of your hand, then you can rest assured to eat, little Eva has recently sent home, only three months, small clothes and quilt cover up, so there is no make baby model, called again, his mother wipe after a two cents is dry, and there will be no sticky feeling, of course, I'll have a little a bit, after all, is something in hand, but don't worry, B or pure plant formula, no stimulation, so does not cause discomfort, or hope your family pay attention to the health become a habit.
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