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Washing your hands free fluid whether can take the plane?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-25
Now many people are used to take a free hand wash liquid, can at any time to hand cleaning disinfection, but when a plane has a lot of things are prohibited to carry, so avoid liquid washing your hands can take the plane? Washing your hands free fluid can take the plane? Can't. Washing your hands free fluid usually contains more than 60% of the alcohol, belong to the inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, can't take a plane. At the same time, isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, 84 disinfectant, disinfection effervescent tablets, such as disinfection products, also belong to the air transport of dangerous goods, can not carry passengers. Washing your hands free fluid allows the checked? Washing your hands free fluid can take plane, need according to the alcohol content in liquid and washing your hands free liquid to determine the capacity. 1. Alcohol content of 70% or less, the capacity of less than 500 ml without washing your hands fluid, can not carry, but can be checked in a suitcase. 2. If free hand wash liquid alcohol content & gt; 70%, are not checked. Washing your hands free liquid alcohol content: different brands and types of washing your hands free, alcohol content, there may be differences of 60% There is 75%. Free liquid washing your hands often contain alcohol, and alcohol is a kind of widely used in medical field disinfection, volatile is extremely strong, stimulation to the skin also is very small. Washing your hands free fluid use notice: 1. Free hand wash liquid generally contains more than 60% of the alcohol, in case of fire or burning, so it's best to avoid light preservation, away from heat, use hand don't touch after fire. 2. When using the free hand wash liquid, must personally apply to the child, parents children used alone or in combination to avoid eating by mistake. 3. The skin is allergic to alcohol, unfavorable use free hand wash liquid.
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