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Washing your hands free fluid without washing? Free water to wash hand sanitizer expiration can also be used?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-10
On the market at present there are a lot of free liquid washing your hands, I want to free in liquid washing your hands without washing? The correct use of the free hand wash liquid what kind of? The following together and see it! Washing your hands free fluid without washing? There is no water. Washing your hands free fluid, is to solve the inconvenience of water environment clean hands, therefore, free hand wash liquid can be waterless cleaning supplies of the operation. Tip: washing your hands free fluid lay particular stress on function of sterilization, clean force, mainly used for washing the occasion is not easy to use, or if it is convenient of conditions can use water to wash hand sanitizer to clean, clean the effect will be better. Washing your hands free liquid spray or gel good? From the effect of spray and gel effect. From feeling for, or gel better. Gel hand sanitizer in usually add some plant formula moisturizing factor or glycerine, have moist effect of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, at the same time of cleaning can also have the effect of moisture, protect skin, wash your hands after the hand is not easy to feel dry. The correct use of the free hand wash liquid: specific steps: 1, 3 - washing your hands free fluid 5 ml on palm. 2, palm to palm, rub. 3, fingers interlaced, palms facing finger rub. 4, fingers interlaced and palm to palm knead. 5, hands clasped, rub each other back. 6, the thumb knead in the palm. 7, fingers in the palm knead. 8, his left hand from the right wrist of the forearm to the elbow rotation rub. Free water to wash hand sanitizer expiration can also be used? Suggest not to use expired hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer itself composition is complicated, if you place a long time and change not in time, easy to cause the microorganisms grow, gradually appear bubbles, delamination, oil-water separation, the phenomenon such as smell, this kind of liquid soap, wash your hands after not clean, not only the effect of sterilization, disinfection, possibly contaminated hands, from bacteria. Tip: avoid hand wash liquid in daily life the best on or a cool, ventilated place under normal temperature preservation, unfavorable under high temperature and exposure environment preservation.
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