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Washing your hands free liquid alcohol? Liquid with alcohol washing your hands free to check in?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-25
To wash your hands with the health benefits of propaganda, everyone is aware of at ordinary times in the life of the importance of washing hands, but travel is hard to find there is water to wash their hands, there will be a free hand wash liquid of the invention, and washing your hands free liquid made by alcohol, the sterilizing effect, don't know if all of the free hand wash liquid alcohol? Washing your hands free liquid alcohol? B: yes. Washing your hands free fluid no matter use specification size, it mainly contains the ingredients to cross-linked with hydroxyl diphenyl ether, ethanol, skin care agent, which is ethanol alcohol, alcohol is a material with disinfection antiseptic effect, have examined the centers for disease control and prevention, avoid washing your hands with alcohol liquid inactivated virus effectively, killing rate reached 99. Long time 99%, and the effect, sustainable 4 - 5 hours, up to 6 hours. Alcohol free liquid hand wash hand? The correct use of not hurting hands. General liquid alcohol washing your hands free to do not stimulate the skin, can add skin, the skin care agent components in common medical glycerin, glycerin is also called glycerol, it belongs to the thick fatty alcohol, easily dissolve in water, because of its molecular structure is very small surface tension is low, after use, can quickly penetrate the skin stratum corneum, moist and plasticizing, so choose washing your hands with skin care agent alcohol from fluid will not hurt his hand. But beware: glycerol as emollients is targeted on the part of effective, long-term daub can cause skin weather-shack, so dry skin user shoulds not be too much to use, such as washing your hands often with alcohol free fluid clean hands, still need to apply some hand cream to maintain hand skin lubrication. Liquid with alcohol washing your hands free to check in? Can't. According to the provisions of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, within the territory of China to take the civil aviation flight ban carry or check the following items: guns, military or police XieJu ( Main components included) And its imitations; Explosives, such as ammunition, fireworks products, blasting equipment and its imitation; Controlled knives; Inflammable, explosive, such as matches, lighters, Gas) , paint, gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, benzene, retinol, cakes, etc. ; Corrosive materials, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, such as liquid storage battery; Poison product, such as cyanide, highly toxic pesticide, etc. ; Radioactive substances, such as radioactive isotope; Other endanger the flight safety items, such as objects, with strong pungent odor may interfere with the normal work of powerful magnetization on the instrument, etc. And without washing your hands with alcohol liquid belongs to the inflammable and explosive articles of alcohol, can't be checked also cannot carry. Use after washing your hands free fluid can eat? Can't eat something at once. Free hand wash liquid containing the composition such as ethanol, disinfectant after washing, there will be some residual, in hand if eating immediately after a washing leads to these ingredients into the body, of the possible adverse health effects of long-term down Suggestions need to wash after eating, reoccupy clear water cleaning is better, use at ordinary times washing your hands free fluid had better be in after eating. Daily as conditional word had better be in flowing water to wash their hands with soap, instead of using the free wash-infection venom, hands fluid, such as a substitute for, if go out or not convenient to wash your hands with a free hand wash liquid or detergent, wash your hands in the conditional or also be sure to rinse off with clear water before you eat his hands. What circumstances to use free liquid disinfection wash your hands? The following need to disinfect: 1, after coughing or sneezing. 2, have been to the hospital, and after contact with patients. 3, before preparing food and dining. 4, crowded public place, after physical contact with a stranger. 5, exposed to public goods, such as elevator buttons, handrail, etc. After 6, the supermarket or mall shopping. 7, holding the baby food, feed the baby, after the baby. After 8, contact COINS, express delivery. After 9, outdoor sports, playing, especially for the children. 10 and household also regularly give hand disinfection, touched the place such as mobile phone, remote control are bacteria and viruses.
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