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Washing your hands free liquid are all made of alcohol?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-11
Washing your hands free fluid is very popular in Japan a bactericidal antibacterial hand sanitizer, and disposable type, you just need to squeeze in the hand and the whole hand rub dry. Common pitfalls to wash your hands

don't want to wash your hands, simple hand wipes, basin of water to wash their hands, wash hands, wash your hands frequently again only

the right steps to wash your hands is the following steps:

wet, wet under the faucet handle, brush on the washing your hands free fluid.

rub ( Seven steps 'inside and outside the clip bow to wrist') The first step:

- — In: palm relative, fingers together and rub each other;

step 2 - — Outside: fingers crossed, palm opponent back rub, hands exchange;

the third step - — Clip: cross intersection, palm to palm rub;

the fourth step - — Bow: hands clasped, rub;

step 5 - — Big: holding the other hand thumb knead, rotating exchange;

step 6 - — State: another palm rotation rub your fingertips fold, exchange;

step 7 - — Swab wrist: spiral wrist, arm, exchange.

blunt: handle with clear water is rinsed clean.

: the water is rinsed clean with clear water, then close the faucet.

brush: with a clean towel or paper towel.

these steps to wash your hands you remember? Don't forget to match washing your hands free liquid to wash your hands can make more efficient.

free hand wash liquid hand sanitizer but genuine Japanese star, in addition to the above effective sterilization and hand hand, its design is also very thoughtful, have special family pack and portable, 300 ml family pack of large capacity, able to care for the health of the family, 60 ml of small capacity to go out or take child portable easy to use, and a little outside the silicone set of design, can hang on the bag, and no burden, wash their hands, take the lead, the baby's health is not a problem.
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