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Washing your hands free liquid harmful to children?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-14
At the amusement park, parents pay attention to the staff will give the child's hand spray some free hand wash liquid, and then into play in the playground. It makes a lot of parents the on the ripples in my heart, do not know if this free hand wash liquid did harm to the child. Then wash his hands free fluid harmful to children?

we normally see washing your hands free fluid is divided into two components, one kind is alcohol, is a kind of benzalkonium chloride in the composition. May we all know, alcohol is a antivirus effect, also is a kind of very common disinfection, and alcohol volatile performance is better, if applied to the baby's hand can also quickly evaporate. But that also can let the baby hand becomes dry, so some parents will choose skin care ingredients of hand sanitizer.
another hand sanitizers containing benzalkonium chloride, actually contains the composition is not many, and concentration is low, the baby will not bring any damage on the skin.

so no matter choose what kind of washing your hands free fluid to the child, the main function is used for sterilization of sterilization, is to eliminate hands caused by the bacteria. But children do manual at ordinary times, there are some stains won't wash off. Finally, remind your parents, while washing your hands free fluid is more convenient, but don't often use, to the child the best method of cleaning or washing with water.
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