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What are the cosmetic processing methods?

by:Zanyu     2021-05-12
The operating model of the entire OEM cosmetics industry is a series of activities from upstream to downstream. In the OEM cosmetics processing process, a lot of production and processing auxiliary work will be involved, such as: brand marketing planning, including the selection of packaging materials, overall framework, well-known brand status, VI design, mid-to-late marketing promotion, etc. In China, companies engaged in OEM cosmetics processing, such as Elia, are generally reliable three-certified companies with skincare brand exports, providing one-stop skincare OEM and ODM services for the same industry. There are many special foods with flexible styles, which can be sold in batches or produced in large quantities. In mass production, the overall strength of the three certificates can be displayed for free. Cosmetic processing methods: 1. Customers can use their own well-known brands to produce and process products. 2. Customers can add their own samples. 3. Customers can produce and process according to their own secret recipe. 4. Customers can use their own raw materials for production and processing. 5. Customers can use their own outer packaging boxes to produce and process. 6. According to the customer's precise positioning and prescribed plans, carry out brand copy planning. 7. We can find packaging materials according to customers' requirements, print boxes, manuals, and labels, do a good job design and order! 8. We can help customers make sales plans!
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